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Yet another admission on use of formalin to preserve fish




President of a fishermen’s association from Malpe in coastal Karnataka,     which is a  major fishing harbour from where large fish consignments   are imported into  Goa, has admitted that formalin has been used to preserve fish.

Malpe Fishermen Association president Satish Kunder has told  a reputed online news portal of coastal Karnataka:  “We have checked the fish at Malpe for the use of formalin. In the beginning, we did receive fish laced with formalin that had been supplied from Tamil Nadu. However, due to continuous monitoring, the formalin lacing has completely stopped.”

It is pertinent to note here that fish consignments are  initially brought from Tamil Nadu to Karnataka and depending on the demand the same are transported to Goa.

Over five tonne of fish were imported from Malpe and nearby areas into Goa just before the current restrictions were imposed by the Goa government on fish imports.

Margao Wholesale Fish Market Association president Maulana Ibrahim confirmed that Malpe and other places in Udupi district of Karnataka have been the major points from where fish is imported into the state.

“Big-sized fish such as kingfish comes from Malpe, Udupi,” he said.

Ibrahim has been consistently refuting the charges that the imported fish is  laced with formalin. However, Kunder’s admission has debunked  Ibrahim’s claim, indicating that the fish coming to Goa could be laced with formalin.

Kunder told the website that the sudden decisions of the Goa government have caused the Malpe fishermen losses running into  crores of rupees.

The fishermen, who had a tough time during the rainy season due to storm and fishing ban, have received one more severe jolt due to the banning of outstation fish by the Goa government, Kunder has said.


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