Varca locals irked over neglect of village on electricity front

VARCA: Residents of Varca are complaining of problems they are facing in getting their electricity issues resolved, which they said was due to lack of a full-time junior engineer and lack of availability of electrical material.

Village panch members said that locals have complained and also passed several resolutions during gram sabhas, but things are still the same.

“After junior engineer’s promotion, the post has not been filled up and any work related to electricity does not get due attention. At the end of the day, locals point fingers at us and question us why simple work such as repairing streetlights or clearing carbon from wires is not being done,” said panch member Roland Fernandes.

Sarpanch Shalini Pereira said there have already been several gram sabha resolutions passed especially for electricity poles.

“Many resolutions have been passed for replacement of electricity poles that pose a threat to people. When we inform the department, nothing happens,” she said, adding that the responsibility of fixing LED streetlights is also not taken up by the linesmen of the department.  Lack of material and equipment with the department is also a recurring problem, the panch members said.

“Linesmen do not have a vehicle or basic equipment such a ladder or material such as wires and conductors to bring with them when we persuade them to come for repair work. Often it happens that we have to spend our own money and bring the material or borrow a ladder from the neighbouring house,” said panch member Anthony Rodrigues.

Village security is one of the primary concerns with lack of functioning streetlights, the panchas said.

“There have been so many cases of robberies and chain snatchings in the night, where streetlights are not working. There are also instances where youngsters sit and talk, maybe even taking drugs and alcohol where it is dark. This is not acceptable and the department should take our concerns seriously,” said panch Crosly Lourenco.