Valpoi market complex becoming a white elephant

Valpoi market complex becoming a white elephant

Abdulla Khan | NT

VALPOI: The Valpoi market complex constructed at a cost of Rs 3.15 crore and commissioned in July 2013 is proving to be a white elephant for the Valpoi Municipal Council as it is draining the resources for the council while not accruing any revenue.

The market complex comprising of two buildings, ie building A – ground plus 1 RCC structure which consists of a restaurant, fish market, mutton/chicken shop. Building B: ground plus 1 RCC structure consists of 67 shops constructed by GSIDC and initiated by Valpoi MLA Vishwajit Rane.

Currently most of the shops in the complex have commenced operations while stalls allotted for mutton or chicken vendors have not shifted their trade to the complex. Although designed on the lines of a modern market with ample parking space, the complex is yet to pick up steam. One of the factors is there is no proper entrance to building A and chicken vendors feel that they may not get customers and will be in loss.

“People will not prefer to climb the steps to the first floor to buy chicken and since the building is lacking with a proper entrance we will face huge losses” said a vendor when asked why they operate near a school despite stalls provided to them in the new building.

It would be pertinent to point that the vegetable and fruit market at Valpoi too faced a similar problem initially, but has today turned into a hub of activity because of stringent action taken against all those who wanted to continue their trade along the road in the main market area.

According to some council members, VMC is incurring losses for the last 4 years since the market was handed over to them. It may be recalled that whenever the council takes any decision of relocating the chicken vendors they call upon the local MLA and urge him to allot some more time turning down the efforts of the VMC to shift the vendors to the new complex.

Valpoi Municipal Council chairperson Akhtar Shah said he is not aware of how many shops were proposed for chicken vendors but the council will be taking steps to find out alternate arrangements for entrance and very soon the chicken vendors will be shifted back to the building. “Give me some time and I will be tackling the issue. I will speak to council members and will come out with a proper solution” Shah added.