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Utpal warms up to Panaji bypoll

Utpal warms up to Panaji bypoll



Indicating his willingness to contest the May 19 Panaji byelection as a Bharatiya Janata Party candidate, Utpal Parrikar, the son of the former chief minister Manohar Parrikar, said that he is ready for any responsibility coming from the party.

“However, allotment of ticket is the prerogative of the party,” he pointed out, mentioning that presently the party has asked him to contribute towards the Lok Sabha election campaigning, which he would do, and if anyone else is selected as the BJP candidate for the Panaji bypoll, he would support that candidate.

Utpal Parrikar, who visited the city BJP headquarters on Saturday morning to meet the runners namely Samir Singh and Sheha Singh, who are participating in the ‘Run for Modi’ campaign, also stated that his “work going ahead” would decide whether he is a political material or not, as also the people of Panaji and Goa may decide on the same.

“Many political parties have stated that I am a thorough gentleman, and that I accept and welcome,” he noted.

“My father was centre of power in Goa for so many years; he was the chief minister, as also the defence minister of the country controlling lakhs of crores of (rupees worth) budget, and yet, after his so many years in politics I am a thorough gentlemen, then it is a testimony to his integrity,” Utpal Parrikar said, adding that if he could bring that integrity to polity in Goa then that should be welcomed.

Speaking to media persons, Utpal said, “It has become fashion of the day to abuse (Manohar) Parrikar, make tall claims about ethics thus virtue signalling the Goans, and get publicity at the national level,” further observing that he is not interested in such hollow things.

“If this is what the political material is, then I don’t have it,” he maintained.

“I have studied here and completed advanced education in the US, watched my father working as a politician and providing good governance for nearly 30 years, and then opened my company and given jobs to people,” Utpal Parrikar stated, maintaining that he is now interested in “concretising his experience at the ground level”.

“My father believed in concretising his experience at the ground level; he went to the new Mandovi bridge to see how it had turned out to be, and now this bridge would be used by generations to come,” he said, recalling that even till the end, his father was thinking about some of the projects, which he had to finish, and only after inauguration of the new Mandovi bridge, his health started deteriorating.

“I am interested in such work, which if brings up the standard of living of the Goan people even by a notch then I would be happy,” he noted, revealing that till now his family members were strategically kept away from politics.

On a parting note Utpal Parrikar said, “Now that I don’t have my parents with me, every member of the party is my family member.”

“If they give me any work, I will do the work; it can be just campaigning in Panaji for (Shripad) bhau,” he concluded while observing that there is absolutely no pressure of any kind on him from the BJP.


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