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‘Plan’ is a new Lenten show by Calado de Verna. The play highlights the comparison between the plan that God has in store for us versus our own plans.

Peter’s son has been killed under the wheels of Ricoh’s vehicle. He was drunk and could be convicted for this great negligence. Ricoh’s father, Barboza is rich but a crook. He offers an apology and compensation, but later, does not keep his word. So Peter requests Ricoh for help. Then he approaches the parish priest. Barboza who spends a lot on his enjoyment, does not care. Instead, he pays a truck driver to knock down Peter. But then, what is God’s plan in this situation?

The play depicts many topics relating to moral values. There is also lots of information given on the work of Caritas and the different schemes offered. The character of the parish priest takes to lecturing the audience n what is right. There are also scenes from the New Testament depicting the ministry of Jesus. Alina and Francisco are cast as the lovers. He is the rich man’s son. Teotonio plays Peter with conviction while Pascoal de Chicalim does justice to the character of the evil Barboza. Calado makes a fine priest and Socorro provides an opportunity for the priest to share his wisdom. There are some enjoyable humorous moments from Dorothy and Joyel with support from Agnelo.

The musicians were Joaquim, Ashtrof, Benny, David and Wilson who provided pleasant music and accompaniment to the songs. Alina rendered the opening song. There were some good songs by Sharon, Wilmix, Dorothy, Socorro de Sta Cruz, Francisco, C D’Silva and others. The duet by Sharon and Wilmix is the top pick.



This so called Lenten play is a tragedy. ‘Superstar’ is a tale about youth who cause all sorts of problems for themselves and their loved ones. It is only later that they realise their fault the hard way and change for the better. This play is a tragedy from the beginning, with some relief at the end.

Micky is in love with Megan. She is rich while he is poor, but their love appears to be strong. Megan is confident that her father, Confusao, will have no objection to her love. Confusao is a builder who believes in only ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Meanwhile Gale, a friend, returns from the States and requests for lodging in the house of the builder. Megan tells the father of her love, he agrees and all seems well. However Micky has a problem: he is into drugs, smoking and drinking. His mother works as a maid, and he demands money from her and even beats her if she refuses. When Megan becomes aware of his bad side and decides to break away, Micky blames his mother and kicks her out of the house. Meanwhile, Gale has his own agenda. One day, Micky receives a text to come to a certain Cross. There he is beaten up and the structure of the cross splits vertically and Jesus walks out.

There is an onslaught of tragic situations in the play. The mother is tortured; her finger is chopped when her son demands her gold ring. The mother bears the pain without bothering to avail any treatment, while a song goes on in the background. Micky is also beaten up and Megan is mentally tortured. The cast has Chitra playing the suffering mother. Crostina is great as Megan, bubbly and full of life. Justiniano plays Confusao, the loving father well. Vishal is Micky, the cruel son and Benzer plays the evil Gale. Sally plays a fine role of the uncle, humorous and the one character with brains. Marcus, Saby and Nato add their bit to the humour.

The musicians were Cannon D’Souza (keyboard), Senon (trumpet), Sammy (trombone), Antonio (saxophone), Savio (drums) and Nevile (bass). The opening song is enacted and rendered well by Wilma, Peviola, Stacey and Reagan. The other songs rendered by Victoria, Carey and others focus on the tragic situations
in the play.

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