Tiatr REVIEW – JP Pereira

Pavlar Pavl Marun

Nicky de Ambora has released this tiatr for a short while in Goa after staging the debut show in Dubai and three shows in London.  The show depicts a family feud over the issue of properties.

Martha and Raymond have two sons. While Robin is qualified as an advocate, Royston is a college dropout who gets involved in many unethical situations. He has borrowed a large sum of money from a builder and wants to sell him the land that was gifted to the church by his forefathers. The family along with the parish priest object to selling the lane and Royston is arrested for fraud. Robin was in love with Jennifer but certain circumstances prevented their marriage. The incidences in the lives of these characters and some others lead to an impressive climax.

Nicky has written a fine script which has been creatively directed by Nakash Borker. Most of the actors perform well, there are some good songs and the tiatr has a few humorous situations. The music is a treat.

The cast has Gloria and Rosario de Siolim as the parents. The actors emote well with Rosario adding a certain dignity to his fatherly act. Nakesh Borker and Anil Pednekar are quite brilliant as the two sons.  The former is calm and sober while the latter boisterous and loud. New talent Twinkle does well in all the acts. Dolla is fine as Jennifer and Nicky makes a fine priest. Willie is the flamboyant builder raving and ranting to make his demands. Cajy dCosta is the cook with witty dialogues. Arnold and Sandy lend good support.  The comedy is good and clean with Pitush, Jimmy, Venecia and Noah providing plenty of gags. This is a fine debut by Noah.

A word about the band - Ramiro (trumpet), Antonio (saxophone), John (drums), Pinto (bass) and Aquino (keyboard) play superb music. The arrangements, fillers and the background were a treat. I wish they could be in tiatrs more often. Nerissa and Twinkle render the opening song while there are other good songs by Rosariode Benaulim, Olga, Anil, Willy and others. Solos by Nerissa and Sheron (Carmona) standout in the tiatr.  There is an impressive trio by Nakash-Marissa-Cajy, a fine duet by siblings Peviola-Wilma and Sheikh Amir entertains with song and mimicry.

A good entertainment package!


Lok Kitem  Muntolo?

The students of Carmel College, Nuvem have released an enjoyable new tiatr. ‘Lok Kitem Muntolo?’ is the phrase that is normally used in most Goan households, when someone wants to do something different. Many times we hesitate to do the things that we like, worrying about what people will say. This tiatr tells the audience, that happiness is more important.

The story goes that Inkotiao and Clara have a pretty daughter named Charlotte. Inkotiao’s mother also lives with the family. She is one tough lady who does all the work in the house while Clara is busy with gossip and the latest fashion. Inkotiao is a writer of Konkani drama. He is looking for actors and Ethan is chosen for the main role. Ethan is in love with Charlotte but his father, Pedru, a strict retired cop will not accept this because of the status of the family. He dominates Esther his wife and wants his way in everything. There are other characters too. John and Clare have returned from London along with Minguel and Agnes. Their son and daughter are getting married. Watch what happens later in this enjoyable romp, created by amateurs who give a very satisfying performance that had the crowd enjoying every moment.

The cast comprises of young ladies from the college. A few men are used to render songs. Inoshka Moraes has written and directed this simple but enjoyable script. The show provides good entertainment. A cast that does full justice to their roles, plenty of humour, good use of the sets by Saldanha and very good songs, are the hallmarks of this show presented with light effects by Balthazar. Neychelle Vaz is the fashion conscious Clara. Selima Gomes is superb as the tough old lady while Cheryl Duarte has the style, looks and stage presence with good dialogue delivery. Mansi Naik impresses with her dialogue delivery and a tough act as Pedru, the retired cop. Janaya Picardo is the romantic Ethan, Ashwetha Fernandes is good as Esther and Simran Khan makes a fine henpecked husband to the shrewish Julie, played well by Clare Almeida. Inoshka Moraes is superb as Inkotiao, the tiatrist. With well timed dialogues, she is cut out for comedy. They are well supported by Serafina Pereira, Jessa Mascarenhas, Jessney Carvalho, Reena Topna, Andrea Fernandes, Renicia Cardozo, Elaine Furtado, Tanya d’Souza and Muriel Coutinho in various important roles.

Nova (trumpet), Nazareth (saxophone), Clinton (keyboard), Presley (bass) and Xavier (drums) provide good music to back the songs.  Swizel and Meagan render the opening song. There are good songs by Joywin Faleiro, Alonso d’Souza, Santan Vaz and Agnelo Dias. Solos by Nerissa Cardozo,  Swizel Vaz, Joyson Faleiro, Glenis Mendonca, a duo from Swizel with Swena and a trio from Chiara-Joyson-Hansel stand out. The talented newcomers have presented something different, with a genuine effort. This is good! Don’t miss this show.