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The yogic Teenager

DR Kedar Padte

Boisterino had suddenly lost weight, in a matter of months he weighed 20 kilograms less. The football teams playing against the team of Elitemix University had become wary. This year Elitemix University won the league without losing a single match. Boisterino had scored in almost all the matches. He was also declared the “Footballer of the season”. After every goal he scored, there was a certain ‘clam’ on his face. There was no jumping, screaming, crowding or fisting the air. When he collected the ‘Best Player’ prize, he just smiled. He made the goalkeeper collect the championship award.

In the TV interview when asked how he feels to be a champion? He simply grinned and said “I need to improve my game, but more than that I need to improve myself.”

Timidita was aghast. The smoking, drinking, bulging boy who lived on beer and burgers, had turned vegetarian. Except egg white, he would eat no animal products. Salads and fruit filled his athletic plate. He even cleared all subjects for the semester with decent marks. Apparently he did not copy a word this exam.

Professor Talkerato was vocal. “If there is a transformation to be seen, here is one he stressed. Boisterino may be renamed Sainterino.”

“But what caused this strange change in his behaviour?” querried Timidita.

Talkerato replied “Last summer we had invited a German yoga teacher Professor Fitzlifer. Boisterino had attended all his classes. At the end of the week Fitzlifer had asked Boisterino to travel with him for a month. They struck a strange friendship. When he returned Boisterino was a different boy. He bowed to me and cheered me, instead of the regular ‘rough snarl’. I knew Fitzlifer had changed his life.

I asked him about his activity and he said he was into yoga. What types of yoga, I wanted to know. There are many types – Iyengar yoga, Asthanga  yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Kundalini yoga, yin yoga and so on. Many thousand years ago the saint Patanjali set the tune for yoga, a way of life.

Talkerato got more inquisitive, he asked “Is this related to Hinduism , or religion or Gods in any away?”

Boisterino was crisp “Not all sir (was a polite answer, instead the regular “rubbish”) Yoga has nothing to do with religion. Many who have practised the same authentically, have given up worldly pleasures, and have been wrongly worshipped. A true devout yogi does not even want to be known to the world.”

Though Sanskrit was the language that has described yogic way of life over six thousand years ago the real language of yoga is the breath. And this is the capacity to meditate on the “breath”, with two facts a) Awareness and b) Keeps you in the present moment (there is no fear of future or past); just the ‘now’.

This meditative state makes you think when you are eating. One talks to the food or drink before swallowing (not just gulp it down when watching TV). You eat healthy, think healthy, and the body automatically becomes healthy.

“And what about all these Asanas”? Talkerato wanted to know. Asanas are the various exercises that keep one’s mind, body and soul balanced. Many teachers have modified the asanas, but it is best learnt from a dedicated teacher, like Fitzlifer.

“You seem to be a transformed human now,” said Talkerato, “You wake up early, eat light, are full of joy, exercise and study even before the college bell has rung? Is it stressful”? You rarely woke before 9 a.m. I don’t remember you for the first lecture ever. Now you are the first student to be there.”

“I have not transformed sir, I have simply lost the ‘I’, and what remains is soulfully connected to the world to which we all belong.

“I think it’s getting a bit heavy for me” said Talkerato and stealthily moved towards the canteen with a yogic questions on his mind. “The ‘yo’ had to ‘go’ from Boisterino,” he laughed.

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