The happy young ones and their art

“The world is only the size of each man’s head,” an anonymous sage once told Ruskin Bond.

MOG Foundation (Museum of Goa) is celebrating the talent of young artists by curating an exhibition, ‘A World of My Own’, putting on display their wonderful creations.

The exhibit consists of more than 250 artworks in various mediums, styles and imagination by children below 14 years of age. The exhibition was inaugurated on Thursday.

The idea is to encourage children to visually express themselves, and at the same time learn about the journey of an artwork from its creation to display. The aspect of sharing their artwork with others and opening themselves to criticism is as important as creation of the artwork.

“This understanding will help them grow as artists,” says Chaitali Morajkar, curator of the exhibition.

Students from different age groups were given an idea or a theme and asked to further explore the idea using their own creativity and imagination under the guidance of Morajkar, a Goan artist who works with students through Paint Club Goa. The result provides a glimpse into the curious minds of these young artists.

Along with this collection, on display will be Godhadi, a massive collaborative artwork created by stitching together 2,500 smaller works by students from various schools across Goa. This artwork was created as part of a project, ‘No Time To Waste’ (NTTW) with an aim to raise awareness among children about waste segregation and management.

The exhibit will also have on display storybooks and handbooks created by children from Russia and Ukraine under the guidance of Victoria Filina, a children’s story writer from Ukraine.

A variety of workshops are ogranised as part of ‘A World Of My Own’ for children. From simple object painting and drawing, to theatre, puppet-making, fairytale book-making and more. There will also be free guided tours of the museum as well as fun interactive sessions for the duration of the exhibition.

(The exhibition will be open for viewing till April 7, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)