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Seetee made it to IFFI

Seetee is a Goan Short Film made my Gopinath Chandelkar from Old Goa. This is his first film to be screened at the International Film Festival of India. A passionate filmmaker – in his free time, he now has plans of making a full length feature film. NT BUZZ finds out more

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Gopinath Chandelkar is a businessman dealing in the spice trade, but film making is just a passion he took fondness to. A stroke of luck or not, this year his 15-minute film, ‘The Seetee’ was screened at the 49th International Film Festival of India.

Speaking about the film, he says it is based on the common man. Not wanting to reveal much, he adds that the viewer will leave the theatre pondering upon the subject of the film. “We generally take things for granted, but people’s thoughts will undergo a change after watching it,” he says.

Not inspired from any true story, Chandelkar says it was several circumstances in life that helped him develop the subject and plot for the film.

Talking about how he got into films he says that it was always a passion to write and make short films and doing this apart from his business was an exciting endeavour. “How passion can create wonders is what I realised and got through this experience of making films,” he reveals.

Chandelkar’s film is one of the two Goan films to be screened here this time. And for him, this is a moment of pride. “I am proud of my efforts and at the same time I feel a sense of responsibility about my short film being screened here. I wish to continue the same good work and make better films, now that the expectations have only gotten higher,” he says.

The entire cast of the short film is Goan and Chandelkar has shot it entirely in Goa. Additionally, budget constraints made him decide to rope in new actors.

‘Seetee’ has also been officially selected for the Delhi Film Festival. Chandelkar also plans to submit the film at other national and international festivals this year including the Flamingo Short Film Festival.

Speaking about why he chose a Hindi title for the film, he says that there were few dialogues that created an impact and made more sense in the story when it was in Hindi and thus he didn’t hesitate to use a title and dialogues in Hindi for the film. “There are few a dialogues which could evoke the emotional response only in Hindi,” he says.

With plans in the pipeline to make feature films in the near future for which scripting in underway, Chandelkar is of the opinion that filmmaking can be a difficult career option in Goa as resources low. “But with the revolution in technology and digital platforms that are available and people who are ever willing to help, a good film can be achieved,” he concludes.

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