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What does a graduate in physics do when he is at the crossroads of his career? Samant Chauhan the capital’s designer known for his ultra glam creations moved from science to fashion hoping the latter would be less intense than physics and quite easy.

How wrong he was! “To my dismay, I later learnt that the rigour of the textile and fashion design curriculum was as intensive, if not more, than my physics degree. After winning 3 awards in 2004, I made my first international debut in Singapore Fashion Week in 2005 which laid the stone for my future success.”

Soon Samant’s love for textiles blossomed into a passion with research playing a major role. “The USP of the label is its use of handloom silks that are produced without harming any silkworm. The brand is known for its use of silk fabrics and keeping it in its natural and raw state. The brand identifies itself with the use of off-whites and beiges in respect to keeping the fabrics in as natural a state as possible.”

With a deep study before each collection the process is quite long. “The process of creating a collection takes 3-6 months. The concept/theme is decided after finding the right inspiration and then the garments in the collection are designed. Along the way there are many changes and tweaks that are made to each look.”

So his first collection “The Silk Route” took a year to complete since it was a challenge to create garments using only tussar from his hometown Bhagalpur.

This in turn has created awareness in the community since Samant has been promoting Bhagalpur silk in his collections. “It has also helped to create more jobs for the weavers of Bhagalpur,” adds Samant.

While Samant’s collections have an element of grandeur about them, some of his earlier collections were considered a little impractical with large paintings on the garments. Was it to catch the attention of the viewer?

“It is not about attention. It is about creating something different and using different mediums to express your creativity. Designing garments is an art and expressing your creativity can be in anyway that inspires you from within.”

Samant’s latest collection for Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017 was a glamorous study that highlighted the Golden Threads of Assam. The project was in concept stage for a year. Known for his stunning Red Carpet gowns his fashion week collections are a fusion of international style. “There is also a prèt Indian and Men’s wear line, leather bags, accessories, stationery and perfume,” he reveals.

Samant would have been a photographer or a director had the fashion scene not beckoned him. Often considered a Delhi centric designer, Samant responds. “Being a Delhi based designer and being involved with Amazon works for the company.

He is generally a very cheerful person. There is always a way to rise from difficulties and find your way so there is no reason to be upset. So enjoy life and take things as they come. Never let difficulties deter you from your path. Happiness is in your hands. Relaxing means listening to music with a glass of wine, reading and traveling. While his likes are hardworking people he of course dislikes the lazy ones.

While he retails out of his flagship store in Shahpur Jat, he also retails at stores like Ole Couture, Aza, Ogaan Emporia, 85 Lands in Calcutta, Dewal in Ahmedabad, and many more in India. “Our major markets abroad are in the Middle East and the UK.”

Samant admits he is more a night than day person but is very cool tempered, generally loves Mughlai cuisine, Australia and London. His secret desire is to create garments for Amitabh Bachchan and he thinks Deepika Padukone is the best-dressed celebrity in India.

Very happy with the way his career has shaped out he says: “It is amazing; I have always done what I wanted to do and never listened to anyone or followed any trend. I did what I liked regardless of what anyone thought and people accepted and appreciated me and my designs Fashion weeks are the most important aspect of the industry. It is where you get to showcase your collection to the public and potential buyers.”

15 years from now Samant has plans for his beloved Bhagalpur. I want to set up a factory in Bhagalpur, which provides more jobs for the weavers of the area and to promote this craft. The factory would create from yarn to final garments.”

Samant Chauhan describes himself as full of energy and life but calm and peaceful at heart. “I am a simple hearted person who enjoys life and all its art forms.”

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