Salcete housing projects sans transformers add to power woes

NAVELIM: While low voltage and fluctuations continue to afflict Navelim, transformers installed by builders in various housing projects are yet to be commissioned across Salcete which only exacerbates the power woes in the area.

If sources are to be believed, there could be around 100 to 150 such transformers which are yet to be commissioned across Salcete adding that the number could be much higher.

The official requesting anonymity informed that it is mandatory for the builders of multi-dwelling projects to set up transformers to meet with the additional power supply required in the


However, many such transformers are yet to be commissioned due to various factors while these buildings are given occupancy sans the transformer being commissioned which is adding to the burden of the existing infrastructure.

The official informed that if these transformers are commissioned it will provide huge relief not only to the residents of the complexes but to houses in the vicinity, adding that with the standard of living improving, the use of electricity has increased manifold which is resulting in fluctuation and low voltage.

Navelim MLA Luizinho Faleiro, responding to the issue of acute low voltage and fluctuations, said, “We have asked the electricity department to identify and commission such transformers as quickly as possible.”

Citing one example, Faleiro said that in Sinquetim a mega project has come up and a transformer has been installed, however till date it has not been commissioned as a result people in Sinquetim are facing low voltage and fluctuations.