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Resolutions to keep

With the year-end, there’s a whole lot of excitement amongst people to enter another year and not forgetting the New Year resolutions which most of us make, regardless of whether they are achieved or not. NT KURIOCITY spoke to Goan youth to know more about their New Year resolutions and a common resolution for the community


My last year’s resolution and the previous year’s were to hit the gym. This year I plan on being a better version of myself, helping the needy, and trying to be a better friend who is ready to listen and help people in need. The community should work together in trying and helping the less fortunate, when we work together things get easier and the work is spread to a wider group.

Kai Da Costa, Margao


‘Resolution’ means to let go of a bad habit and accept some good qualities in our life. This is exactly what we all should do. Come on, let’s take a promise that we will bring good manners in our life in this New Year. In the occasion of leaving 2018, I would like to leave one of my bad habits of sleeping late and waking up late in the morning. I would like to suggest that others do their work on time. Nothing is more important than one’s work. A person who learns to do their work on time has peace in their life. I would like to pray for happiness and good health in this year.

Bibi Asha Dastgir Kadmeshwar, Goa University


My New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to give time to what I actually love doing, that is, handmade cards. I loved making cards and gifts for my friends and family, since I was a child, and I am thinking of turning my hobby into a business and hence my New Year’s resolution is to work towards it and achieve my goal. And yes, for the community too I would like to work towards involving children in art and craft as nowadays they are either on the phone or tablets and we hardly see children doing something creative or any physical activity.

Navleen Kaur, Dnyanprassarak Mandal’s College, Assagao


My New Year’s resolution is that use technology in a way that it leads to creation rather than destruction. Limit the use of mobiles and laptop and keep the electronic devices away from the reach of school going children. For the community my resolution is about keeping our Goa clean.  Along with your house, keep the 10 metres radius around the house clean and neat too. Develop the civic sense and dump garbage at the right place.

Ravisha Kudchadkar, Fatima Convent High School, Margao


My resolution for 2019 revolves around three key points: control my temper because my anger has led to many problems. Second, stay positive as every problem that arises is all in our head. Trying to be positive will not only make me a better person but also help me see each problem as an opportunity to improve myself. Lastly, love the people who love me and stop trying to please the ones who always hate me. And for the community I would say that climate change is real, it’s happening fast and the rate is alarming. Understand the value of natural resources and use them more wisely. We have the opportunity to save the world; don’t let our next generation curse us for not taking the necessary steps to save the world.

Biswas Tiwari, Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Verna


I always had a wish to contribute to a cleaner environment and earlier I thought that my individual efforts won’t work but it does. So my New Year’s resolution is to carry a cloth bag to carry items I buy whenever possible. That will reduce the plastic bag menace and also to upload a picture on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook with a #hashtag and influence my friends that carrying a cloth bag will reduce the usage of plastic and carrying plastic bag is not a cool thing.

Neha Chari, Dnyanprassarak Mandal’s College, Assagao

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