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Quepem govt offices toilets raise a stink



While the government is promoting Swatch Bharat campaign, the government offices in Quepem cut a sorry picture with the employees and public put to a lot of inconvenience.

A random visit to the government offices which includes the department of survey record, transport, agriculture, PWD, electricity reveals that they are bustling with public all the time. However, the toilet facility is very poor. Some of the toilets do not even have proper latches while the flush of many toilets are also not working. Surprisingly, the male urinals are in the open right in front of the ladies toilet making it an uncomfortable experience for both men and women.

A female staff, who did not want to be named, said, “It is quite awkward when we visit the toilet as we do not know if there is anybody inside. It becomes quite uncomfortable when we see the men standing at the urinals right besides the wash basin. That apart, the toilet doors also do not have proper latches and despite bringing the matter to the notice of the authorities, no action has been taken so far.”

Another female employee said, “We avoid using the toilet as much as possible as there is no proper flush and hygiene is a concern. The layout of the toilets puts the women in a very uncomfortable situation especially when there are members of the public using the toilet. We can’t even use the wash basin as the urinals are not even covered while we have to manually pour water to flush the waste in the toilets before using it.”

A member of the public Peter Fernandes informed that it is very sad that on one hand the government promotes Swatch Bharat and the other the same government does not practice what it preaches. The toilets are relatively clean but there are no proper latches, no flush working. It’s a sad state for the employees especially women, he added.

Another member of the public Usha Desai said that it is a sad situation that the government has no regard for sanitary needs of its employees or the public. The government should first look to provide clean and proper toilets for its employees and members of the public before making tall claims of making Goa open defecation free, she said.

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