Promises Made By Political Parties Ahead Of LS Polls


Happy days are here again. Days after the interim budget revived promises of ‘achche din’ ahead, a shower of goodies awaits the common man. For it is election time and as the campaign trail begins warming up, the slew of poll promises made by various political dispensations is bound to pep up the common man. Although in no doubt about these pre-poll assurances falling by the wayside after elections, the masses have, nevertheless, loved these fleeting moments of attention received. But it is indeed a mystery that despite the insincerity of the whole exercise the electorate is often seen accepting such assurances on their face value. Take the mining imbroglio of Goa for instance. After having met with little or no luck with their intermittent ‘crusading’ forays to highlight their woes and bring about resumption in mining activities in the state, mining dependants in the state will definitely not ignore Amit Shah’s renewed mining vows. On the other hand, the Opposition Congress in Goa guarantees to resolve the mining mess within six months if voted to power. As an issue that has evaded a sensible solution, the mining predicament becomes a definite tool in the hands of the scheming politicians, who continue to lead people astray with their reassurances on the complicated matter. The high hopes that the wily politicians hold out with their assurances is just unbelievable. People forget that these leaders are not wizards who could make things hunky-dory with a wave of their magic wand. They are scheming manipulators who politicise an issue to spin a web of intrigue around it and continue to exploit the situation to further their cause. This has, however, not deterred the public from lapping up every word of the assurances proffered. This is evident more so during elections when the politicians are at their persuasive best. As glib talkers, they remain unmatched. But elections after elections, is the electorate so foolish so as to accept the same body of lies unflinchingly only to be heartbroken after the elected leaders renege on their promises. Is it not time that people recognised politicians for what they really are and curtailed their level of expectations from them. Our leaders only flatter to deceive.