Ponda Sahakar Bhavan a white elephant

Ponda Sahakar Bhavan a white elephant



PONDA: The Sahakar Bhavan constructed with an aim to setup a Cooperative Training Centre in the state to impart training to cooperators for managing cooperative institutions has not been put to its use even after a year of its inauguration.

The Sahakar Bhavan was built at a cost of around Rs 4.50 crore which is turning to be a white elephant for the state government.

The Sahakar Bhavan at Curti Ponda comprises an area of 3,000 sqm and was inaugurated on the occasion of the cooperative week in November 2016. At the time of the inauguration the then Cooperative Minister Mahadev Naik had stated that the Sahakar Bhavan was setup with the aim to boost the cooperative movement in the state.

While the cooperative department had mentioned that, cooperative training/education will be institutionalised in the Sahakar Bhavan at Curti and focus will be laid to impart training to the cooperators for managing the cooperative institutions from the entire state. Amenities like conference hall for meetings/seminars, guest room, library, etc are made available in the Bhavan but is hardly used in the past one year, informed sources from the cooperative department.

As per information, proper use of the Sahakar Bhavan to impart training was made during the Cooperative week celebrated in the building last year, while for the rest of the year it’s been limited only to the Ponda zone office for the assistant registrar of cooperative societies.

According to officials of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, in order to conduct various training programmes there is a need to institute a committee headed by the Assistant Registrar of training to govern its functioning. But the state government has failed to do so even after a year of its inauguration. Even the post of assistant registrar for training has not been created.

The state government has not made proper allotment of funds required for the Sahakar Bhavan, informed sources. It is learnt that the maintenance for the huge building is taken care by the Ponda zone office for the Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies from its allotted fund of Rs 14,000, and officials are finding it difficult to maintain the building.

“Sahakar Bhavan has not yet received the education fund allotted by the cooperative department.  The department collects 2 percent of the profits from all the cooperative institutes in the state and allot the same as education fund to impart training to the cooperative sector”, said Pankaj Marathe, assistant registrar of Cooperative Societies.

Earlier training programmes were conducted by the Cooperative Association with government funds. From last year the state government has stopped providing funds to the cooperative association and has decided to transfer the same to the Sahakar Bhavan for developing it as a training centre. But Sahakar Bhavan has not yet received any funds nor seen any efforts initiated to make the Bhavan fully functional, said Marathe.