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Police advise hotels, guest houses to ensure ‘proper security’ environment




Goa police has issued an advisory to the hotels as well as the guest houses in the state for ‘ensuring proper security environment.’

The hotels and guest houses have been asked to verify the identity of guests and visitors, as well as to conduct proper verification of the employees before  employing them.

Hotel management should ask each guest for the proof of identity with photograph (preferably Aadhar card) and keep a legible photocopy of the same for record, the police department has said in the advisory adding that the “photos of all the guests checking in the hotel may be clicked at the reception counter and kept for the record. A CCTV camera facing the check-in counter may be installed.”

The police has said that the visitors who desire to meet any guests should not be allowed unless he/she is issued with visiting pass at the reception centre after proper verification from the guests.

Regarding the employees, the police has said that a complete background check for every new prospective candidate has to be carried out before being employed in the hotel as staff. “The bio-data of staff employed should have proper references, which must be verified by the management on a priority. Temporary staff should be hired from reputed contractors, who maintain up to date database of their employees,” the police has said adding that “proper identity card should be issued to all the employees by the management, preferably with biometric

The police has asked them to install caller identification facility for all telephone connections in the hotel, and the lifts may be so programmed to ensure that, only a room card holder can access entry to the particular floor of the hotel.

CCTVs should be installed in public areas of the hotel, with at least 30 days storage capacity, at critical points like entry, exit, parking, approach, corridor etc.

“Proper illumination should be done at the CCTV area, so that culprits can be easily identified during the night time. The CCTV footage should be constantly monitored and be made available to police as and when required,” states the advisory.

The security guards and hotel staff should be sensitised to keep a watch on suspicious persons entering the hotel and report to police about such a person.

“Adequate number of security personnel from a registered private security agency should be employed for a proper security check. Stepping up of patrolling by the staff employed by the concerned hotel can be an effective deterrent to potential attackers and anti-social elements,” states the advisory.

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