Poetic Hues

Naguesh Rao Sardessai

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” Thus said Leonardo da Vinci, noted painter of the renaissance period. And Nirupa Naik successfully straddles both these art forms with remarkable ease, whilst touching the hearts of the viewers and offering aesthetic pleasure all along.

An exhibition of paintings titled ‘Poetic Hues’, that’ll be put up at Kala Academy’s Art Gallery will display just that. The show will be inaugurated on April 8 by renowned artist Padmashri Laxman Pai and noted author Uday Bhembre.

A fabulous poet herself and an avid reader of fine poetry, Nirupa was seized with the idea of adding hues to written words and thereby activating the sense of feeling through the sense of seeing as Leonardo da Vinci thought of.

Nirupa is essentially a dreamy and idealistic individual with obvious inclination towards living a reclusive life. An apt artist to dive inwards and tap the reservoir of subconscious memories to create new reality, Nirupa has gone beyond self, and dived into the soul of verses penned by noted Goan poets.

Her connect with poetic words and innate capacity to draw out the essence of the verse solely to transform it into aesthetically pleasing paintings with soulful connotations is admirable. All the poets whose content she gave visual form to are essentially nature lovers and inadvertently Goa centric.

Bakibab Borkar, Manohar Rai Sardesai, Madhav Borkar, Sanjeev Verenkar, Nagesh Karmali, Mukesh Thali, Uday bhembre, Radha Bhave, D A Kare, Shankar Ramani, Paresh Kamat, Madhavi Sardesai, Ramesh Veluskar and several others have touched the soul of Nirupa as an artist. Be it the touching painting on the plight of river Mandovi, or a piece on the relevance of Goan tribals, or it might be one on admiring the beauty of moonlit night, or even a work on small little innocent bird in the wilderness; Nirupa speaks out with passion and conviction.

Born and brought up in the verdant environs of virgin Goa with overwhelming nature, vibrant culture, an honest society, clean air and realistic dreams, it was natural for her to move towards creative vocation.

Further, encouraged by her teachers in school and college, Nirupa began to flower into an artist with her own independent style and identity. Several decades into her practice, Nirupa has retained her innocence whilst growing in stature and making her mark as an artist of quality to reckon with.

Bakibab Borkar’s ‘Nillem Nillem Shevnem’, Uday Bhembre’s ‘Channyache Raati’, Sanjiv Verenkar’s ‘Antique’ and Nagesh Karmali’s ‘Gardi’ are few amongst several poems that Nirupa has given shape to in her inimitable style.

The multihued paintings come alive through the tapestry of seemingly incoherent but deliberately and consciously knitted lines filled with thick pigment. The works are a visual maze of brushstrokes, clustered lines, intentional splotches and enticing hues that remain pregnant with profound meaning, philosophical depth and festive flavour.

Nirupa’s paintings are truly washed with poetic hues reflecting her tranquil personality and conveying the message of happiness, peace and harmony.


(The show will be open for viewing till April 10)