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Pilerne VP cracks down on mud-filling at Savlem lake

Pilerne: Pointing out that the panchayat has received complaints from the villagers against illegal mud-filling in Savlem lake, Pilerne sarpanch Amarnath Govekar said that the panchayat has issued a notice to a tenant and even a complaint was filed with the flying squad which has inspected the area.

Govekar said that the panchayat will not tolerate any illegal mud-filling in the lake which was de-silted by the government few years back by spending a lot of funds. He said that the panchayat had also beautified the Savlem spring and the illegal mud-filling will undo all the good work.

The Pilerne sarpanch also said that the work of the retaining wall along the lake is being undertaken by the PWD as the retaining wall is in bad shape.

Villagers said that the Savlem lake, which draws migratory birds, has been the pride of Pilerne with the Savlem spring being source of potable water.

Sources in Pilerne panchayat informed that a tenant had illegally dumped debris in the lake some days back. It was also disclosed that there were plans to beautify the lake so that it could be developed into a tourist spot.

Villagers also said that the Savlem lake property belongs to the communidade of Pilerne and its water could be used for agriculture and other purposes.

Peter Fernandes, a resident of Pilerne said that the villagers had taken a resolution in the gram sabha that no mud filling or construction activity should be permitted near the Savlem lake to protect it.

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