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Over 1,500 engineering students stare at ‘uncertainty’




More than 1,500 undergraduate students, studying in various branches of engineering, in different engineering colleges around the state are presently facing grave problem, due to the inordinate delay on the part of Goa University in declaring their semester V examination results.

These students, studying in the third year of the engineering degree course, had answered the semester V exam in November-December 2018, and are since waiting for the Goa University to declare the

One of the students studying civil engineering at the Goa College of Engineering informed that it’s nearly four months and now the exam for semester VI is on the way.

“All this uncertainty began from the academic year 2016-2017, when the engineering course syllabus was changed,” he added.

As per the available information, the correction of answer papers of the semester V examination is already over, but the results have been pending.

Another student of computer engineering questioned as to why the Goa University is delaying the announcement of results for an examination answered by just 1,500 students, when conductors of competitive exams like Joint Entrance Examination answered by lakhs of students announce the results in few

The students, who fail in a subject or two at the semester V examination, would face tough time, as they will not get enough time to prepare for re-answering these subjects, because they would also need to prepare for semester VI examination.

Semester VI examination is expected to be held in May-June, later this year.

The principal of Farmagudi-based Goa Engineering College, Dr M S Krupashankara told this daily that the semester V results have been delayed and May 5, 2019 is the last working day of semester VI.

“Only Goa University can provide information about the declaration of results,” he added.

All efforts to contact Goa University registrar, Y V Reddy failed. The Goa University sources said that the pressure on the university to declare the results could see them announced next week.


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