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On-board with the CEOs

On-board with the CEOs


While CEOs of various companies and start-up are in a race to take their companies to the next level and are meeting goals and targets assigned to them, Aquasail gave them a day-off from their busy schedule by organising a one-day Axis Bank CEO Cup at Grand Hyatt, Bambolim.

The third edition of the Axis Bank CEO Cup had CEOs of different organisations come together and share insights on their company and work. They then went on to learn how to sail with the Aquasail team guiding them with the various do’s and don’ts of sailing along with safety tips and later prepared them for Axis CEO Cup trophy.

“Most regattas held in the country are for those who have already learnt sailing but this one is for people who are completely new to the sport. We expose them to how sailing or a sailing regatta takes place. Secondly, these CEOs are leaders of their own company and are not regular sailors so we put them in a position where they get an understanding of how fun it is while learning various techniques and skills,” said founder of Aquasail, Shakeel Kudrolli.

He also mentioned that the trainers are professional and therefore are experienced in terms of their work. “The aim of such an event is to promote aqua sailing as a leisure and holiday sailing activity. These aren’t racing boats but are just for leisure activities,” he added.

During the championship participants had to understand various aspects of the sea and wind and adjust sails accordingly. Teams were given adequate time to learn the ropes before they battled for the title.


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