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Notices for non-filing GST returns upset traders community in state

PANAJI: A bunch of notices served to traders and retailers for not filing GST returns for the month of July 2017 is upsetting Goa’s dealer community.

“The notices have been served to us even though we pay GST,” said a dealer to The Navhind Times, on Monday and added that the notices have been issued senselessly without verifying whether returns are filed or not.

“Even composition dealers who are required to file quarterly returns have got such notices while some dealers who registered as late as September 2017 received notices for not paying tax for the month of July,” he said.

The notices are censuring in nature and they have alarmed the local dealers. Most of them do not file the returns themselves but outsource the job to consultants.

A consultant said that he is troubled by questions from his clients although the GST returns were filed on time.  “If such careless notices are being served to dealers they will not take GST communication seriously in future,” said the president of Goa Tax Practitioners Association Rajendra Narvekar.

Dealers across the country are being served notices for not paying GST on time. However, a senior official of the state commercial tax department, clarified that most of the notices are system generated and dealers have nothing to fear if they have already filed the returns.

“The notices are meant for non-compliant dealers,” said the official.

GST collections have picked up in the last three months after being slow until October 2017.

The Goa government is expecting revenue growth from GST at five-seven per cent in the current year 2017-18.

Tax collection for the month of January had touched Rs 112 crore, of which Rs 65-70 crore was the share of the centre by way of Central GST.

The government expects state GST to touch Rs 230 crore in January and if the central GST share is added, then the figure touches Rs 290 crore.

To increase tax collections notices are being served on dealers who do not file returns on time.

The state has about 24,582 tax assesses under GST but over 91 per cent have turnover below Rs 1.5 crore and are in the Composition Scheme.

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