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Mopa rehabilitees cry foul over substandard houses



The Mopa rehabilitees have cried foul over the substandard houses provided to them.

The families have been recently given possession of 2 BHK houses in Casarvarnem village panchayat of Pernem taluka, however, these families are now living in the cattle shed due to fear that their houses may collapse.

The Dhangar families residing on the Mopa plateau for the past several decades, have been displaced with their land being taken away for the proposed Mopa International Airport.

The rehabilitated Dhangar community has been living in the cattle shed due to alleged substandard construction of houses provided to them. The families only after a few days of entering the new houses found that the ceiling plaster has fallen off and several cracks have developed making it unsafe to live in the houses. Hence, the families are forced to take shelter in the cattle shed.

The government in association with GMR Goa International Airport Limited, which is developing the Mopa International Airport has built the rehabilitation project for the affected families at Casarvarnem with a house and cattle shed for each family besides a community hall.

The Dhangar families said that earlier their life on the Mopa plateau was much better as there was no fear of roof collapse. They used to have sound sleep in their homes though the houses were not concrete.

A Dhangar woman said, “From outside the house it looks beautiful and well built, however, the work inside is poor and substandard. After a few days of entering our new homes the ceiling plaster collapsed and the house has developed several cracks. We now sleep in the open cowshed during the cold winter nights”.

“The latches are not fitting properly on the doors, fans are not working properly, and with all such problems, how can we be happy with our new homes. There is no water pipeline, so we have to be fully dependent on a tanker for supply of water. There are water tanks on the rooftop, however, to fill these tanks  it is a problem as they have to be directly filled from a tanker and climbing on the rooftop is risky,” the woman added.

A Dhangar man said that since they have been rehabilitated, it is like starting life afresh and by just giving a house and a job per family will not end their woes. He said that their troubles have started after rehabilitation.

The government needs to consider factors like jobs for all Dhangar youth, and the salary must also be good so that they can support their families, he said. Speaking further he said, that the Dhangar community were attached to their land in Mopa and being poor they were not in a position to oppose the project. He said that there is no one to listen to their woes and address them.

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