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Mining tangle: Speaker speaks for auction route




Speaker of the state legislative assembly Pramod Sawant on Wednesday admitted that the people from his constituency are bound to be angry over the non-resumption of the suspended mining activities in Goa, maintaining that the government is still trying to restart mining operations in the state.

“If the mining activities in Goa start again then it is well and good, otherwise we will have to face some problem in convincing the people about it,” he added, pointing out that the auction of mining leases would definitely take place, and presently the people from mining belt are being contacted in this context.

The Speaker said the mining issue however would not affect victory chances of the Bharatiya Janata Party candidates in North as well as South Goa, at the Lok Sabha elections.

“There is no problem for us (the BJP) as far as the Lok Sabha election are concerned,” he reckoned.

Sawant represents Sankhali constituency, which falls in the mining belt.

Speaking informally to the reporters, the Speaker said that he is in contact even with the grassroots-level people in his constituency, and is trying to solve their problems.

“People in my constituency are facing problems due to the closure of mines, and I am trying to provide them with alternate means of livelihood, like employment or business opportunity,” he informed.

Sawant said the government has made efforts to generate employment in Goa through the Investment Promotion Board.

“And even though these jobs cannot be provided immediately, they would be ready in next six months on large scale,” he noted.

The Speaker said the people of Goa will have to wait for another three years for jobs at the upcoming Mopa International Airport.

“The waiting period would definitely be there, and people should understand it,” he mentioned.


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