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‘Mhozo Pai To’

‘Mhozo Pai To’


Another nonstop show from Comedian Agostinho, ‘Mhozo Pai To’ pays tribute to the suffering and neglected fathers, who do so much for their children.

The play opens on two elderly men – Damodar and Sebastiao –who are good friends. They share each other’s joys and sorrows and always have a good time. Both are widowers and have a son each. The two usually meet in the park, and at times are joined by Lawrence, a destitute whose son has gone to the States and deserted the old man. Damodar is well looked after by his son Deepak, while Sebastiao has problems after his son, Joy marries Nivea. The play then continues with the incidents in the lives of these characters along with others like Simple, Croton, Bandaid, and a ‘pop singer’.

A comparison is made between the respect enjoyed by elders in a Hindu family, with that of a Catholic family. The sufferings are genuine and these happen in today’s world. But the parents never seem to realise, that their savings should never be transferred to the children as long as they are alive. There is some good comedy, although at times it is quite gross. The music is good and the actors do well in their roles. Jaju as Sebastiao and Pradeep as Damodar play the two old men in great style. While Jaju has to cry a lot he also makes the audience smile at times. Pradeep is the confident man, but has his bouts of lunacy too. Pascoal is in top form with some good one liners as Lawrence. Cia is fine as the trouble maker Nivea and Filipe Almeida makes a good henpecked husband. Prakash Marathe, once again, impresses as the tough but caring Deepak. Benny plays a priest. The comedy has its moments as Fiona, Selvy, Cajetan, and Agostinho create laughter among the audience.

The band led by Aiden provides good music. The background is pleasant and the ‘cantos’ during the acts are rendered well. Benny sings the opening song. Watch the show, as for once Dad’s are given their due.

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