MGP may not walk out of BJP-led alliance


PANAJI: Despite the luring away of two of its three MLAs by the BJP, the MGP leadership is still hoping to stay on with the BJP.

The MGP has still not withdrawn the letter of support it gave to the BJP to form the alliance after the assembly election of 2017. The MGP has so far decided to lock horns with the BJP only in Shiroda.

Though political observers feel that the MGP’s conflict with the BJP will push the Dhavalikar brothers closer to the Congress, the MGP still remains undecided on the issue.

Senior MGP leader Ramakrishna ‘Sudin’ Dhavalikar is acutely conscious of the fact that until the BJP-led government is at the Centre it will not be advisable for the party to break bread with the Congress. Hence the MGP may not support the Congress openly at least during the Lok Sabha elections; rather the regional party may field its candidates in both the parliamentary constituencies in the state.

A political observer cites former PWD minister’s special interest in the under-construction Zuari bridge to argue that the MGP may not formally sever ties with the BJP.

“Sudin has good relationship with senior BJP leader Nitin Gadkari, and may try his level best to patch up with the saffron party. He may make a comeback in the government,” opines another observer.

Factoring in the prevailing political situation, the MGP may see the Congress as a political partner to form government in the future. But it may not take missteps that may in long run ruin its dream to taste power again.

It will be clear only by April 7 whether the MGP will go aggressive against the BJP by fielding its candidates in all the poll-bound assembly segments and both the parliamentary constituencies, or decide to support non-BJP candidates to exact revenge of the recent political chicanery.

It is pertinent to note here that although the MGP has sent not more than three members to the state assembly since 2002, the party has a sizeable number of voters in various assembly segments.