MGP, · GFP  now under total control of  BJP president: AAP

MARGAO: Sharply reacting to the  ‘twists of the  regional political parties’ – Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) and the  Goa Forward Party (GFP), the Aam Admi Party (AAP), convenor Elvis Gomes on  Thursday stated  that the  MGP  and  GFP  are now under the total  control of  BJP president,  Amit Shah.

Speaking  to  ‘The Navhind  Times’,  Gomes,  the  bureaucrat turned  politician  said, “It is the game of  one- upmanship.  First  the two  allies –  the legislators of the  MGP and the  GFP  said they are not with the  BJP, but  with  Parrikar, the former chief minister.  Today, they forgot what they had said.  The greed for power brought the  wool on their  eyes.   They are now  under the total control of  BJP national president, Amit  Shah, and this is most  unfortunate of the incumbent political party.”

Commenting on the  recently  formed  coalition government,  Gomes said  the twisting and turning coats  type of politics is normal with the  political parties like  BJP,  Congress and  the  regional parties like  GFP, and the  MGP.

“If  the BJP is ruling in the state today, it is only because of the  Congress party’s  weaknesses.  The political drama  is  only of entertainment value  for the common man,” he opined.