Margao civic body undertakes anti-encroachment drive

Margao civic body undertakes  anti-encroachment drive




The Margao Municipal Council (MMC),  on Monday, seized   food   items and household goods including  refrigerators worth Rs 40,000  in an anti-encroachment drive carried out by it at Fatorda.

Speaking to the  media after the drive, the chief officer of the  MMC, Siddhivinayak Naik said, “The raid was conducted at a  general store at Fatorda.”

“The owner of the store had encroached on the footpath and had displayed refrigerators  on a permanent  stand. It was illegal, and therefore, we removed it,”  Naik  added.

The MMC had to bring a  mini truck and other vehicles to carry the seized items, as there were  a couple of  big aluminum stands which were also put up on the footpath.

When  the chief officer realised that  the half a dozen of workers  who were at the  job could not dismantle the  iron  stand used for displaying refrigerators, he ordered to get excavator.

With the help of the  excavator, the  iron stand was  removed and taken away.

“We will carry out the anti-encroachment drive,” Naik  said,  even though  resentment was expressed by the people gathered there stating that  such raids are  selectively carried out.

Meanwhile,  the chief officer  presented flowers to the  four defaulting banks, and reminded them that they have to pay arrears.

According to the  chief officer,  these defaulting banks owe the municipality a total of Rs 50  lakh.

“Through a surprise visit, we  gathered that one bank   is involved in  tax  evasion tactics,” he  said.