Many Congress voters will vote for Sawaikar this time: Vinay

Many Congress voters will vote for Sawaikar this time: Vinay

MARGAO: State BJP  unit president  Vinay  Tendulkar, on Saturday, categorically said that many  Congress voters will vote for  the BJP’s Lok  Sabha candidate Narendra Sawaikar, this time, as they support PM  Narendra Modi’s  good governance.

“The  party  is trying to make inroads in the Congress  bastion of Salcete  with the  help of Goa Forward Party (GFP) chief Vijay  Sardesai and  recently inducted  Babu Azgaonkar, the Deputy Chief Minister,” Tendulkar added.

Addressing the media  in Margao,  Tendulkar,  who is  also the  Rajya Sabha member, said, “Many Congress voters will vote for the BJP Lok Sabha candidates this time, even though they voted for their candidates in the assembly elections. We will also try to make use of the  good contacts of Babu Azgaonkar, who is a known figure in  Salcete.  And, with the  help of  GFP, we will try to make inroads in Salcete.”

On Saturday,  Sudesh  Bhise, a resident of  Cuncolim-Chandor joined the  BJP along with several  self help group members and his friends.

Speaking further, Tendulkar said that South Goa candidate Sawaikar  has completed the first round of  meetings with karyakartas,  and added that in next few days,  the party will have 10 to 12 corner meetings in each of the constituencies of the  South Goa.

However, when asked as to  whether he was  able to iron out the  differences with the karyakartas, which occurred due to the induction of  quite a few leaders into  the BJP, Tendulkar  denied having any such  differences  with the  BJP workers.

Asked to comment over the outburst of  former minister Rajendra Arlekar,  Tendulkar  posed a counter question: Does he mean to say that Amit Shah, BJP supremo has taken the wrong  decision?”

“We have not met  Arlekar,” he went on.

Tendulkar, who  disclosed that national leaders would take part in the campaign meetings of  BJP candidates in Goa  before the  scheduled mammoth  meeting of the PM Narendra Modi on April 12 at  11 am, said  that his party will win all the five seats - three assembly seats and two Lok  Sabha  seats.

He brushed aside the allegations made by the  former deputy chief minister Ramkrishna (Sudin) Dhavalikar  that the BJP put pressure of carrying out ED raids.

“If he was transparent in his working, why he has to fear? He is doing it for the publicity,” he added.

Explaining further, he said that on March 27, as the MGP was to withdraw support to the government, the  two MGP  legislators came to us and told us that they want to join the  BJP as the government is doing  justice to the people of  Goa.  “We accepted their offer, taking  permission from the  central leaders as we wanted the government to survive,” he said.