Lobo averse to becoming Speaker




Stating that he will not take up the Speaker’s post even if it is offered to him by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the near future, Deputy Speaker of Goa assembly Michael Lobo said that he wants to continue to be vociferous MLA of the ruling party and raise issues concerning Goa and Goans on the floor of the House.

According to Lobo, he will not be able to speak on issues in the august House if he holds the Speaker’s post and does not want to curtail his freedom of raising public issues.

Lobo said that the Speaker cannot be biased and cannot speak either for the ruling government or the opposition.

Speaking to media, the two-time BJP MLA from Calangute said that he is only the acting Speaker and is not interested in becoming a full-fledged Speaker in the future.

He said that he will be the acting speaker only till the forthcoming monsoon session of the assembly is convened.

Lobo further said, “Though I am elected by the voters of Calangute constituency, I am MLA of Goa and it is my duty to raise the issues concerned to the state and the people. Once you become the Speaker, you have to toe the line of the government, which I cannot do as I am accountable to the people of the state.”

He also clarified that as of now he has not received offer from the party to take up the Speaker’s post.

It may be recalled that Lobo was instrumental in getting Goa Forward Party and an Independent MLA to form coalition government under leadership of Manohar Parrikar in March 2017.

As per many media reporters, even after the demise of Parrikar on Sunday, Lobo was effectively working to keep the alliance partners together with the BJP to form new government, which was ultimately formed Sunday late night.