Dismantle Miramar Foot Overbridge

The foot overbridge outside the Sharada Mandir School in Miramar has suddenly shot into the limelight after lying in a state of disuse for seven long years - best described as an architectural monstrosity, a failed experiment, a colossal waste of public money and a white elephant to boot. Surprisingly, it took just a few collapsed foot overbridges in Mumbai and loss of lives last month, to spur the state authorities to action and deliberate on the futility of the overbridge at Miramar and the urgent need to dismantle it, in view of the dangers posed to both, pedestrians and motorists. It is a pity that no thought was given at the planning stage by our experts to the hardships and inconvenience that would be encountered by school children by climbing the high bridge with an overloaded school bag. Parents also stand justified by refusing to allow their children to use the bridge, fearing the worst in the light of the recent tragedies.


Cracking Competitive Examinations

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) results are out, and young minds have made their towns and parents proud by their excellent performances. It feels good when small town boys and girls clear the examination. Books, journals, periodicals, newspapers, internet - all have helped the students excel beyond their belief and imagination. One has to be curious enough to beat the unbeatables.  The persistence power of those trying the UPSC is so obvious considering quite a few students scrape thorough following a number of attempts. The successful youngsters desire to directly ‘serve’ the people. Talent is only one thing; discipline, hard work, will, self-esteem, motivation, consistency, planning and courage are the other aspects that make an ordinary student a successful one to top in exams like the UPSC. The importance of practice and preparation cannot be overstressed. Boundless talent has to be built around confidence and hard work. The overall personality of an individual is tested to the hilt in an examination like the UPSC. Therefore, the art of speaking and communication, too, is an active ingredient for success. The two things that mar a talent are belief in miracles or chances. Nothing can be taken for granted, and the only way to the top is persistence. The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and the Indian Police Service (IPS), the two main offshoots of the UPSC, consist of service-oriented and people-friendly officers. However, when people observe how many of them are rendered rudderless by political interference, sadness pervades upon them. Let the fresh batch of officers bring glory to the posts they hold.