Clear Roadside Garbage In Ponda

Garbage and plastic bags are often seen thrown along roadsides at various places in Ponda turning these places into an eyesore for the local road users and tourists. Although the state administration has been instructing people to keep every area neat and tidy, public at large do not shoulder any responsibility with regard to this sensitive matter and continue to dump household garbage and plastic along roadsides. There is a need for the concerned authorities to clear the garbage on priority basis so that cleanliness is maintained. Persons found dumping garbage in open areas should be taken to task.


Candidates Must Pledge To Abide By Manifestos

Candidates aspiring to become Members of Parliament during the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls and those contesting the bypolls in Goa must be busy formulating their election manifestos. The Lok Sabha polls will be held in Goa on April 23 and the bypolls will be conducted simultaneously. Since the elected public representatives are going to hold office for five years and the remainder of the legislative assembly tenure, unlike as seen before when election manifestos promised a great deal but hardly anything was fulfilled, this time it should be made mandatory for the election manifestos to carry a solemn pledge.   The pledge could be worded as follows: ‘I do hereby solemnly pledge that to the best of my ability, I shall strive to fulfil whatsoever has been promised in my election manifesto. Knowing that I will hold public office, I shall always remember that I am the elected representative and that I owe allegiance to the people, who have voted me to power. I shall also in particular affirm that unfinished tasks of my predecessor shall receive my fullest attention. I solemnly state that whatever has been mentioned in my manifesto can be accomplished during my tenure. I shall not indulge in corruption and horse-trading.’ A pledge of this nature could lead to streamlining of the process of manifesto formulation and make it easier for the electorate to monitor the performance of the elected representatives. In earlier elections, most of the manifestos did not translate into deeds across all parties and candidates. This time round such an eventuality should not occur.