Code Of Conduct For Saffron Flags

Recently, read news about police pressurizing members of ‘Chhatrapati Shivaraya Janmotsava Sohala Samiti’ at Kurla, Mumbai  for removing saffron flags mounted at various places during a procession taken out on the occasion of ‘Shiva-jayanti’ and the reason given was Code of Conduct made applicable due to elections. It made one wonder since when was Shivaraya’s saffron flag brought under purview of Code of Conduct. Saffron flags are displayed during programmes held by Shiv Sena; but like flags of other parties, Shiv Sena has never claimed that saffron flag was its official flag. As such, saffron flag does not belong to any party and it is in fact, a victory-pennon that reminds valiant history of Maharashtra. Under this saffron flag, Shivaraya had brought few ‘mawlas’ together, forming his army. Under this very saffron flag, did Shivaraya establish his huge ‘Hindavi Swaraj’ that was considered to be a dream. Bajirao Peshava and Maratha warriors fought till end against five powerful kings and the British, for flying of this saffron flag with grace. How can Maharashtra accept bringing such historical saffron flag under frame of Code of Conduct?

Naresh Gharat,  Mumbai

Problems Of Vegetables Pricing At Horticulture

We are back to problems with the vegetables that are being procured by the Horticulture Corporation and sold through their various outlets across Goa. Though the quality of vegetables has marginally improved from the outlet that we buy from one in Santa Cruz, one needs to say that the prices being charged are no longer nominal. The rate for some of the vegetables like karela or bitter gourd and vaal or long beans is the same as that from the Panaji market. Thus there is no advantage for the buyer to get the vegetables from the Horticulture Corporation. The prices of vegetables vary quickly with the private traders in the market but the Horticulture Corporation tends to be more slow in responding to price changes particularly any drop in prices. It is also said that the prices of the same vegetables varies among different Horticulture Corporation outlets. Therefore it is suggested that the Horticulture Corporation firstly, review the prices of vegetables so that they are a cheaper source for the average consumer. Secondly, make the prices more responsive to market changes and thirdly, ensure prices of vegetables  are  the same across all their outlets.

Srinivas Kamat, Santa Cruz