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Preserve Sacredness Of Judiciary

THIS refers to the thought-provoking article ‘Excruciatingly slow pace of justice’ (NT, March 16). The statistics of pending cases as against growing litigation is alarming. With a backlog of 38.68 lakh cases, and the tragedy of people pining in jails and facing lengthy trials, the government should now act in haste to mitigate people’s sufferings. Merely appointing judges without taking into account their competence and integrity is no solution. There should be no discrimination in taking up cases and access to legal help must cross social and economic barriers. It is not uncommon for cases to be prolonged for even a decade or longer. I agree, judges need time off, but is it not shocking that courts productively work only for half the year. Why? Actions need to be taken to weed out corruption and stop inept and incompetent persons from being appointed as judges of high courts. Government should ensure every possibility in its capacity to accelerate the process and ensure that the sacredness of the judiciary is preserved.



On AC Facility In Trains

THE burgeoning Indian middle class is now financially well off. For them having an AC at home is not a luxury but a necessity. When they travel with their families, they usually do so by AC trains and buses, while many fly. The average middle class person  would prefer to travel by rail in AC 3-tier coaches as they are cheaper than AC buses and much more comfortable. However, 3-tier AC rail tickets are in very short supply. A typical long distance train has 11 sleeper non-AC coaches and four 3-tier AC coaches besides 4 general coaches, a pantry car and AC 1 and II coaches. For decades this has been the configuration of coaches. It is time some of the sleeper class coaches are converted to AC three tier coaches. It is pertinent to note that many passengers travelling by non-AC would prefer to travel by AC coaches but are compelled to travel non-AC due to non availability of AC seats/berths. Hence, I would like to recommend that half the coaches should be AC while the other half non-AC.



Imran Khan’s Talk Offer With India

PAKISTAN’S position after the Pulwama attack has become very nebulous since terror is one thing on which most nations particularly those of the West are unified and Pakistan has been left only with the support of China. Moreover, with Imran Khan being in his first term of office as prime minister he would not want any untoward issues impacting the country and in that context we need to see his overture for talks with us after the Pulwama attack, but more on this latter aspect later. Therefore, we need not read too much into Pakistan’s actions like taking over the JuD’s head quarters, putting some of the senior cadre of the JuD under house arrest etc. These are cosmetic measures at which Pakistan are past masters having played around with the US since the Taliban emerged in Afghanistan. Talks in the time of terror is a good thing since Imran Khan as said earlier being in his first term needs to show to his nation some achievements and India could play along for what it is worth. This is called the nouveau approach just like when Narendra Modi dropped in for a ‘chai pe charcha’ with the then Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif though nothing came out of it, we could see how serious Imran is. But his outreach is negated somewhat by the contradictions that post-Pulwama has brought though Imran was talking peace, the shelling across the LoC was continuing if not intensified with many civilian deaths resulting. But you have to give it to Imran for releasing the captured Indian pilot Abhinandan very quickly and as promised. India recognises that the Kashmir problem cannot be solved militarily and it also refuses mediation. So it is only through negotiation that any attempt can be made to find a solution then what is wrong with going back to talks with Pakistan. But the major impediment to talks could be whether you can have talks in the time of elections since post May 23, 2019 things could change or remain the same. So we will have to see what happens as the Indian summer runs out.


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