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Clear Garbage Along Roadsides

ALTHOUGH the concerned authorities often advise people to keep every area neat and tidy, dumping of garbage along the roadsides continues to be a common phenomenon. Not only in cities but in villages as well, such an undesirable situation has been noticed. For quite long, garbage has been regularly noticed along the road leading towards the Durbhat jetty in Ponda. Many travellers proceeding towards Cortalim and Vasco for work face great inconvenience at this strategic jetty. The village panchayat of Durbhat as a competent authority has failed to clear the garbage at the appropriate time. Hence unhygienic conditions happen to be the order of the day. At Patantali area too (also in Ponda), waste papers and plastic bags are regularly noticed along the roadside. Perhaps the concerned competent authorities at this jurisdiction do not clear the dumped garbage on regular basis. However, the situation turns undesirable for travellers and pedestrians alike. Persons found dumping garbage at this area should be penalised in the form of heavy fines which should be imposed on the spot. Nevertheless let us hope that the authorities clear the existing garbage along the roadside so that hygienic conditions are maintained on a permanent basis.



Safeguarding Air Travellers 

THE recent mid-air scare of Chennai-Kolkata flight owing to technical glitches in a P&W engine of A320 neo aircraft should be given a priority and reviewed. That the pilots were able to return to its origin through a normal SOP is highly appreciable considering that the safety of passengers is a paramount factor in the sky. The technical issue owing to damaged engine blades and other factors should be resolved immediately. AAIB and DGCA should now do a detailed review and find out factor, of late, for many technical issues emerging from A320 neo aircraft’s engines. As it is also known that the issue has been persisting from past two years, the authorities should now move away from the illusion of ‘isolated incidents’, which is now emerging quite often. Any mid-air mishap will put at risk the lives of both the passengers and crew members. Also as the recent Boeing Max 737 engine incident remains afresh, the safety agencies and aviation authorities in India now, no doubt, are very cautions to red flag even a minor mid-air technical glitch of various engine types. Further the authorities should mandate periodic safety audits and fix any technical glitch immediately and not on ad-hoc basis. The authorities should also now strive to fix the issue amicably, irrespective of brand, carrier type or MRO – while giving utmost priority to well-being and safety of passengers.

VARUN S D, Bengaluru


Wooing Quality Tourists To Goa

WITH the Governor Mridula Sinha throwing open her stately residence for public during week-ends, let us sincerely hope that tourism in the state gets the much-needed fillip it yearns for. With tourism in the state hovering around the efforts of a few vested interests who have had no compunctions about promoting the ‘western’ visage of the tiny coastal state, Goa is today a mutated version of everything that it has never been. Goa has always enjoyed a unique identity with its distinctive customs and traditions which not even centuries of colonial rule could obliterate. In fact, the rich amalgam of the western culture that the Portuguese introduced into the local traditions serves to be an exclusive blend that alone is enough to make Goa a much sought-after destination. But with a blind eye turned towards these rich traditions, the ‘western’ tag that has been cultivated for the state has cast Goa in the mould of those nations where the easy access to drugs, sex and gambling has helped them gain notoriety. The rapes and drug-related deaths of foreigners which garnered international headlines have further dented the state’s ‘hospitable’ credentials. And the government over the years seems to have been endorsing it as sustainable tourism. The type of crowds which thronged the state over Christmas and New Year this year should open the administration’s eyes to the trash we welcome as tourists to our land of sun and sand. Hence it becomes essential that the government authorities make sincere efforts to showcase the local culture and traditions in the right manner to dispel notions of Goa being a destination only for pleasure-seekers. News that GTDC will soon focus on heritage tourism by developing a few locales from their historical point of view and some for hosting cultural events could well be that impetus the state tourism required to get it out of the rut. Tourism should always be about searching for apt avenues to make it possible for preserving and exhibiting the favourable features of the region with a distinct thrust on the local traditions and customs. It is now for the department of tourism to elaborate on its ambitious proposals!


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