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Parrikar Has Moral Obligation to Resign

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is affected by cancer and has gone weak. He can merely stand erect without help. With a nasogastric tube going into his stomach he has difficulty to phonate and sustain a dialogue with those around. Francis D’Souza and Pandurang Madkaikar have been forced to resign as ministers on grounds of advanced sickness, but Parrikar himself has stubbornly refused to resign holding onto power in a manner that is most unbecoming. Is he holding onto power on his own or is he being forced not to relinquish power because he is privy to some secret deals in the Rafale deal as is being alleged? Does he continue to be the Chief Minister because the moment he resigns the coalition partners will be engaged in a fratricidal war and the inept battle-ridden Bharatiya Janata Party will be groping in the dark? Whatever it may be, Parrikar has a moral obligation to resign forthwith moreover as Goa, day by day, is marching into utter chaos completely devoid of governance.


On Cortalim Traffic Diversion Quandary

The Goa government is caught up in a comical quandary; either risk the wrath of hundreds of commuters, sick and infirm, by diverting traffic or risk lives by allowing traffic during the new Zuari bridge construction. Should not this eventuality of diversion for safe construction have been considered during the planning stage? What was the consultant paid for if not the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and feasibility studies? Why was more land not acquired accordingly for service roads etc? I don’t remember a single instance when long reroutes happened during the iconic new Mandovi bridge construction but then again there were two other bridges for use whereas the present Zuari bridge, with its time running out, is a main link on the National Highway 17 (66). Farm land between the Cortalim-Verna highway could be temporarily acquired with adequate compensation and restored back as a free gift to the farmers. More traffic police personnel should be deputed during peak hours to regulate and enforce lane discipline. Coordinated traffic management for emergency services like ambulances, fire engines should be created. The people of Goa are not against development but against unplanned, illogical and shortsighted development.



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