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Clear Encroached Footpaths In Chinchinim Market

The Zilla Panchayat thought it wise to construct footpaths at the Chinchinim market. However, the footpaths are being occupied by vendors, thus inconveniencing the people visiting the market. The elected members are turning a Nelson’s eye to this issue. In the meantime, it seems that the panchayat is ‘legitimising’ the vendors by collecting rent from them. Some local organisations have tried in vain to put an end to the practice of vendors encroaching on the footpaths. The panchayat must provide an enlarged market place so as to accommodate all and sundry. It must put an end to the inconvenience caused to the villagers visiting the market and thus ensure their safety. Moreover, lack of parking space in the crowded market at peak hours is also an issue that needs to be sorted out.

NELSON LOPES, Chinchinim

Assure Clear Visibility Of Traffic Signboard

A traffic signboard displaying ‘50’ as the speed limit and located along the main road adjacent to the KTC bus terminus in Ponda is covered with branches of adjoining trees. Due to this, the signboard, instructing motorists to restrict the speed of their vehicles to fifty, fails to serve its purpose. There is every possibility of the drivers indulging in reckless driving thus risking the lives of others. It is necessary that the signboard is clearly visible to the drivers. The concerned authorities should trim the branches of trees covering this signboard. Let us hope that prompt positive action would follow in the regard. Meanwhile, traffic signboards, which were initially installed near the sharp turn adjacent to Sneha Mandir at Bandora in Ponda are presently missing from the spot since quite some time. In the absence of these signboards, drivers speed across either side of the road making the road dangerous for the other users. Hence, there is a need to re-install the signboards at the sharp turn. Speed breakers should also be constructed on a priority basis to control the overspeeding vehicles. Let us hope the concerned authorities consider this matter and do the needful at the earliest.



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