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Steep Hike In Fees For Forms

THE state government has increased the fees for hard copies of forms, documents and certificates. The fee for Form I & XIV has been increased from Rs 15 to Rs 45 and for survey plan from Rs 60 to Rs 180 per holding. The increase is 200 per cent, too steep at one time. What is the justification for such a high increase when the records are computerised and the cost of a printout is just about Rs 3?  Revenue Minister Rohan Khaunte says that the increase is marginal. If 200 per cent is marginal then what is normal?    Secondly, what is the point in saying that these plans or forms are available free of cost online. Will the government departments or any authority accept a downloaded form or plan which does not bear the signature of its designated authority? Finally, on every survey plan a court fee stamp of Rs.5 is affixed at public expense. What is the need for this court fee stamp? Three officials of the survey department sign each survey plan, which is sufficient authentication. The court fee stamp on survey plan should be done away with. The increase in the fees of Form I & XIV and survey plan is unjustified and should be at least reviewed if not rolled back.


The ‘Warts’ Called PDAs  

I pat on the back of those people who have been on the hunger strike in the capital city for the last few days against the planning and development authorities and the revival of Regional Plan 20121. All Goenkars, including non-resident Goans, should rise up against the corrupt and greedy politicians who are hell-bent on destroying our Goa.


Redesign O’Coqueiro Roundabout

IT is a pity that the metallic traffic barrier at the O’Coqueiro Circle in Porvorim, which had been recently removed to understand movement of traffic from the B B Borkar Road to the CHOGM Road, Mapusa and beyond, has now been placed again. The ostensible reason being given is that the metallic barrier was proving to be more of a nuisance for the traffic police than a boon for motorists. This brings us back to where we started from: there is no respite for motorists, and heavy traffic congestion continues to prevail at the Holy Family Church junction due to traffic diversion through the inner roads and Defence Colony. It is regrettable that the RTO acted in haste, and insufficient time was not given to study and improvise on the present arrangement. It is the duty of the RTO to devise means and methods to improve and redesign some of the problematic traffic junctions in the state, instead of throwing up their hands in frustration and giving up.


On Being A True Indian

CONGRESS leader Sonia Gandhi holds Indian passport in free and fair way with the approval of law, and hence she is not a bit any lesser Indian than the self-declared guardians of nationalism like the saffron brigade. And the ultimate truth remains that ‘being Indian’ is infinite times a larger concept than being indigenous to the land or possessor of a mere passport. If Gandhi is a foreigner just because she is originally a White European then Mother Teresa is also a foreigner on this very logic! If anybody says that the criminals, mafias and rapists of indigenous vintage are ‘greater Indians’ than the Mother then all norms of sanity are bound to get wiped off from the face of India! Only the people with scant respect for all things legal and moral can engage themselves in such ‘gutter politics’ by invoking the origin of Gandhi.  Not mere birth or passport, but sheer honesty, deed and civilised attitude with utmost respect to secularism and the Constitution form the hallmark of a true Indian. And Gandhi passes this litmus test with flying colours. Right from sacrificing the post of prime minister in 2004 to responding to her call of conscience to her prompt resignation from the Lok Sabha membership after the office-of-profit controversy erupted, Gandhi has all along displayed a supreme sense of ethics and accountability in public life. Coupled with her secular mindset, Rahul Gandhi’s mother has indeed proved herself much more Indian than many Indians who lead dishonest and unprincipled lives and divide this multi-religious heterogeneous society by sowing seeds of communal hatred so as to reap electoral dividend. These enemies of the Indian Constitution, which is itself based on secular values, are indeed in urgent need of taking tuition from Sonia Gandhi about how to be a true Indian.


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