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Locals Bypassed For Job Vacancies

The government ruckus over the participation of various industrial establishments that have set shop in the state in a recent recruitment drive in Sawantwadi, Maharashtra, to fill posts for their factories in Goa once again brings into sharp focus the matter of locals being bypassed for vacancies that exist in private companies. But how right is the state government in restricting impositions on private companies whereby they should first seek an NOC from the labour department before participating in ‘job melas’ in neighbouring states to fill vacant posts in their industries in Goa! First and foremost, the ‘80% quota’ stipulation of jobs for locals is too foolish a notion that the state government is harbouring. Considering the aversion shown by Goans for employment in private firms, the move by the government to ‘compel’ the companies to recruit local manpower for them to avail the government largesse in form of incentives and subsidies is purely political, one that helps the ruling dispensation to be in the ‘good books’ of the electorate. The state legislators are more than aware of the penchant shown by their constituents for government jobs and an MLA who is unable to provide his supporters with the maximum employment in government departments generally finds himself in dire straits in the next round of elections. That being the case, demands for employment in the private sector has never been encouraging in Goa. Private entrepreneurs with huge investments in their projects won’t accept the shortfall in manpower as a reason for their diminishing profits.


Stupendous Performance By India At CWG 2018

India finished third in the medals tally at the Common Wealth Games at Gold coast, Australia behind Australia and England.  India finished with 66 medals: 26 gold, 20 silver and 20 bronze. In the past for India, most medals at the Commonwealth Games have come from weightlifting. Weightlifters won nine medals overall — six by men and three by women in 2018. But it is shooting that has seen India shine and collect the most medals with 16 medals won. The second best showing for India at Commonwealth Games has been in wrestling. Indian teams won gold in mixed-team badminton while the table tennis teams – men and women – also created history with gold medals each to fatten India’s haul in the medal tally.  Saina Nehwal beat compatriot PV Sindhu to claim gold in an all-India final in Badminton. Indeed a stupendous performance by India in CWG 2018.


Kathua Rape Is Crime Against Humanity

The recent rape incidences in Kathua and Unnao of  two minor girls and the subsequent brutal murder of 8-year-old Asifa, has once again evoked widespread public outrage after Nirbhaya’s rape case, among all sections of the society except for the ruling dispensation who were mum until mounting public pressure forced the Prime Minister to break his silence to condemn this incident. On close analysis of both the rape cases it will be evident that in the Unnao rape incident the minor girl who was allegedly raped by the BJP MLA was a victim of lust whereas in Kathua rape incident wherein a eight year girl belonging to the minority community who was held captive in a religious place and then brutally raped and murdered was a victim of communal hatred. The question is what made the perpetrators to commit such a heinous crime on an eight year old girl? Was it not her religious identity? The second question is “Why is communal frenzy crippling our minds” so much so that we even tend to forget that we are human beings and not animals, who cannot distinguish between what is right and what is wrong?  Have we become so heartless that we are seeing things from the prism of religion, caste and party, and overlooking and shielding perpetrators of crime just because they belong to their party, religion or an ideology and sacrificing humanity at the altar? In Unnao the Adityanath government was trying to shield its accused BJP MLA who was also responsible for the death of the rape victim’s father in police custody, who wanted to seek justice for his daughter.


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