Rising Dacoity and House Breaking

It cannot be denied that cases of house breaking and thefts have been on the rise in Goa since many years. Nonetheless the case of dacoity in Davorlim on Saturday night, wherein valuables worth over Rs 7 lakh were looted by a gang of 9 persons between 3.30 am and 4.30 am by effecting entry into the bungalow, when there were people inside the house has shocked many. The question is how so many dacoits managed to enter the house. It only highlights how complacent the people in the state are, despite knowing very well the way the thieves are getting wiser by the day and finding innovative ways of carrying out their evil designs. It is rightly said that as the police force is getting more vigilant the robbers are equally getting watchful and innovative. Moreover such people are sharp enough to misuse the technological advances to carry out their ploy. While it is easier for us to blame the police for not being vigilant enough, we should realize that it is equally the responsibility of the residents to be ever cautious and try and foresee the dangers waiting. Awareness has to be created in the people by showing the glimpses on the local TV channels of the possible causes that can lead to house breaking. To begin with let the rule be ‘trust no stranger’. Ensure that all the doors allowing entry to the house are securely bolted. All windows and ventilators should be fitted with secure grills, so that entry from there cannot be possible. The main door should have provision to get a glimpse of the stranger knocking the door. Some houses have a double door fitted to provide adequate security. One effective way of thwarting the entry of the trouble-makers is to provide a small opening on the door, secured with iron bars, so that not only one can view the stranger but even if he has to deliver something, it can be accepted through the opening provided. It is time that people start awakening from slumbers and be ever on the guard lest such calamity should strike creating unprecedented troubles.


Old Age Homes In Our Society 

We live in a country where love and respect for each other has been thought to us by our ancestors.  Indian cultural values have given high priorities for respect of elders.  There is a great influence of western world in our society these days and it has become very obsessed with materialistic things and as a result we are gradually losing  our values and morals. India which takes its  pride is in claiming to have a moral society is slowly vanishing  and western culture is taking its place. Westernization has greatly affected our traditions, customs, our family and our respect and love for others. The concept of joint families is speedily decreasing; everyone wants to remain aloof from others. Parents are ill treated when they reach old age. Aged people are becoming more and more isolated and youngsters have less and less patience in handling them or adjusting with them. Today we are witnessing a steady increase in the number of old age homes, or more fashionable, retirement homes. If we want our children to look after us then we have to take care of our parents. It would be better if our generation does the right thing and sets a proper example for our kids to follow.