Let’s stock up

Goa Chitra Museum, Benaulim, is all set to host the five-day ‘Purumentanchem Fest’ which starts today and concludes on May 5.

The festival aims to revive traditional and cultural practices in an attempt to introduce both children and adults to forgotten experiences of Goa.

‘Purument’ was a time of preparation when the women of the house along with extended families would process and preserve available produce to create a wide assortment of food stuff that would last them through the heavy Goa monsoons. Today, with food available and plenty, throughout the year, these traditional recipes are dying and disappearing. Goa Chitra aims to revive these forgotten foods of Goa by bringing together three traditional teachers who will teach authentic Goan recipes to participants in the form of interactive, knowledge-sharing masterclasses.

During the workshop, participants will get to know more about the food heritage of Goa.

(The festival will be held from May 1 to May 5 at Goa Chitra, Benaulim. Details: ferraonoel@gmail.com/9535710558/9850466165/2772910/11)