Let the sarees make some noise!

Let the sarees make some noise!

Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ

Unique to India, the saree of the sub continent is as diverse as its people. From the weave, and drape, to material and work, sarees are not just symbolic of a region, but is one that ‘personifies’ the adorned. Call it elegant, graceful, sexy, traditional, or modern – it is a garment that has been receiving much more popularity in today’s time, than ever before.

Inspired by such revolutions and saree groups on the internet Vini Tandon Keni started her own group, ‘Saree Speaks’ in 2016. Her raison d’être was creating a platform for women across the country to share their saree stories, and inspire people to drape the 6 yards, or 9 yards, not just for occasions and formal functions.

Keni tells us that many a times people wonder why she would wear cotton sarees, when most Goans were obsessed with silk sarees. “I wanted to be encouraged, and spread the encouragement to other women, whilst also creating sufficient awareness about cotton and handloom sarees,” she says.

The non commercial group today has over 1 lakh members and has regular meets in various parts of India. Till date Keni has organised over 30 meets across the globe. And it was after the Goa meet last year, that Keni thought of organising a ‘Goa Zatra’ for its members as a finale for the year end.

“So, over 250 ladies from across India will be in Goa to be part of this Zatra like situation, wearing sarees through the day. To coincide with this meet, smaller meets are being held in India and abroad,” Keni tells us. Three meets in Mumbai, two in Delhi and Gwalior each, besides five in the US, and in other parts of the world like Dubai, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, etc, so that members who couldn’t be here are still connected with what is happening.

To be held today at Panjim Gymkhana, the Zatra will have several stalls in the recreated village scenario, where there will be khaje, grams, etc, sold. Also, volunteers from each city have come prepared to put up a solo or group dance. The Goa volunteers will be staging a small tiatr too. Besides, there will be several games organised for the ladies from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. along with other activities.

“It is through Saree Speaks that women have come together, fostered new friendships, renewed friendships, bonded over several topics and issues, besides, helping those in need,” Keni tells us.

(Spot registrations open with saree as the dress code for Rs 1200)