Khursachi Vatt – TIATR REVIEW JP Pereira

Khursachi Vatt – TIATR REVIEW  JP Pereira

Willie Silveira has always released Lenten plays which move the audience to reflect. A story recounted parallel to the sufferings of Jesus; ‘Khursachi Vatt’ narrates a story of a loving father, a mother who is quick to find fault and a child who longs for his parent’s love.

Joy, Tania and their young son Oswald have problems. Joy works late to earn an extra income and has less time for his wife and child. Tania does not understand why he works late and accuses him of various faults. The young Oswald tries to reconcile the parents but in vain. Meanwhile, Joy’s friend Reagan is wooing a girl who is in love with another man. One day, Oswald falls sick. On examination, the doctor declares the child seriously ill and advises the parents to keep their differences aside and focus on caring for the child. While Tania focuses on her own problems, Joy has great faith in Jesus and believes that the Lord will assist him as he bears this cross. What happens next has to be watched on stage, in this beautiful presentation of a father’s love, a mother’s carelessness and the final judgment of God.

There is a message of love, sacrifice and above all, forgiveness. The script has some beautiful lines and incidents that melt the heart. After each act, the sufferings of Jesus are depicted. These help the audience to draw a parallel and reflect.

There is good acting, good songs and comedy that is quite amusing. Shenaya plays Tanya, the selfish mother, in style. Roshan does well as her mother. Willie is the loving but helpless Joy, in a beautifully underplayed role. Reggie plays Reagan. This new actor does full justice to his role – very natural and convincing. Joshua, the little boy, makes an endearing Oswald – just right, as the precocious son. Peter is great as the seemingly helpful doctor and does an impressive act. Jesus Antao leads the comic acts as the uncle. He is present in the main act and joins Selvy, Bladwin, Agnelo and Gabby to create some humorous situations. Check the basin and mug act.

The musicians were Selwyn and Chris (trumpets), Ashok (drums), Rahul (bass) and Arif (keyboard). The opening song by Scully and Willie has great lyrics. There are other great songs from Joshua, Michael, Peter-Roshan, Evaristo de Arambol, Reggie, Rosario de Benaulim and others. This is a proper Lenten show. Go for it!