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Kejriwal warns of dangers of Modi retaining power

Kejriwal warns of dangers of Modi retaining power



Going hammer and tongs at Prime  Minister  Narendra Modi and  BJP president  Amit  Shah over their  “highly dangerous  statements”,  top Aam Aadmi Party leader and  Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal  on Saturday exhorted Goans  not to  vote the NDA back to power because if the Modi-Shah duo retain  power then they will bring in sweeping changes to the Constitution, heralding an Adolf Hitler-like era in India.

Addressing a public meeting at the historic Lohia Maidan in Margao on Saturday, Kejriwal said, “I have come here not to ask for votes.  I have come here to appeal to you to save the country. If the PM Modi and Amit Shah come back to power at the Centre then they will destroy the secular structure of the country.”

He referred to the controversial statement made by   BJP MP from Uttar Pradesh Sakshi Maharaj, who had said the Lok Sabha

elections presently underway would be the last parliamentary elections in the country, and thereafter there would not be any election.

Pointing to the objectionable and “dangerous” statement of Shah, Kejriwal said, “Amit Shah made a very dangerous statement in his public rally. He said that if the BJP comes back to power then it will remove every infiltrator in the country, except for Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. In the eyes of Amit Shah, Christians, Muslims and Jains living in the country are infiltrators.”

Holding forth on the controversy, the Delhi Chief Minister said, “Let us take the example of Goa. There are nearly six lakh Christians and Muslims in Goa.  I want to ask Shah: are you going to kill them? Are you going to dump them in the river?  Or do mob-lynching?  There must be many Hindus attending the meeting… Do you all want this to happen in Goa? Will this help develop the state…?  This is also the agenda of Pakistan, and therefore Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan wants Modi to become prime minister again.”

He maintained that if the alliance led by Modi and Shah comes back to power then they would overhaul the Indian Constitution, and there will not be any election in the country.

India would be like Germany of the times of Adolf Hitler, he observed.

“Amit Shah is contesting the Lok Sabha elections, this time. If Shah is elected then he will become Union home minister, and India will be badly hit,” Kejriwal said, urging the people not to vote for the BJP candidates in Goa.

Interestingly, Kejriwal did not speak anything against the Congress.

He said that Goan voice will be represented by the AAP if its nominees for the Lok Sabha elections are elected.

The AAP candidates – Elvis Gomes for South Goa and Pradeep Padgaonkar for North Goa – came down heavily on the Congress and the BJP for playing dirty politics in the state.

Several state AAP leaders, including Valmiki Naik and Siddharth Karapurkar, also spoke on the occasion.


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