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It’s doodle time!

Twelve professional cartoonists and illustrators from Goa are all set to host ‘Cartoonists and Illustrators of Goa 2019’ from February 21 to 24 at Kala Academy, Panaji. NT BUZZ brings you the details



We all have stories, experiences, and incidences to share. In order to let people know about them we often communicate these verbally or write about them through blogs, films, books, and much more.

Similarly, 12 cartoonists and illustrators from Goa have come together to share their stories and experiences through the medium of art and will display their work today at the ‘Cartoonists and Illustrators of Goa 2019’ event. The works on display will feature some of the best cartoons and illustrations done by the artists along with the sale of their self-made merchandises and much more.

The artists include Alexyz, Billy Fernandes, Sanket Lawande, Rohit Chari, Malcolm Rebello, Swapnil Behere, Govit Morajkar, Manuela Mendonca Gomes, Cornelia Sequeira, Nadia De Souza, Melanie Costa Pereira, and Fabian Gonsalves.

“This is an initiative to gain the exposure we always yearned for. It is a coming together of Goan talents who are currently active in and out of the state in illustration and cartooning, to showcase their best commercial/ personal works in the form of the main display and self-made merchandise,” says illustrator Fabian Gonsalves

The purpose for holding this event, he says, is to develop a culture of cartooning and illustration in the state, and at the same time let people know that they are capable of taking up or handling challenging projects in this field. “We want to create the exposure among locals about the vast body of work we have done over the years. We have kept the tagline ‘Witness, Experience, Support’ and through this we would like to do the same and give back to the society,” says Fabian.

Along with the 12 professionals, the exhibition will also introduce two new talents, Sumit Naik and Samuel Rodrigues who are self-taught cartoonists and illustrators and have done a lot of work in the same.

In fact, Sumit is quite excited to display his work and believes that his hobby will get the required exposure and will help him garner feedback from people. “I started learning by watching and observing people do illustrations. Soon it became a passion and till date I have been doing it with great interest and enthusiasm,” he says.

Through the event, which started way back in 2017, the artists also want to change the perspective of people towards cartooning and illustrating. “In Goa, people are not very acquainted with this art form. Sadly, cartoonists are ridiculed, people take cartoons personally, and don’t know to take a joke lightly. People in this line of work, should step forward and exhibit their work so that people know what it is,” Fabian says. He also mentions that in Goa, this art is not a viable source of income because freelance cartoonists are dictated as to what they are supposed to draw or say in their cartoons. But he believes that the culture will grow, and that more and more cartoonists will come in. Till then one needs to sit back and enjoy the work.


(Cartoonists and Illustrators of Goa 2019 will be inaugurated today at 5:30 p.m. by fashion designer, Wendell Rodricks. From February 22 to 24, the exhibition will be open from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Kala Academy, Panaji)

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