Innervision: The journey of An artist

Innervision: The journey of An artist

Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ


Human awareness, illusion and reality, truth and lie, discernment and denial, reason and intuition – artist, Siddhartha Tawadey is fascinated by the unconscious landscape of the human mind and his artworks attempt to reconcile the truths of the body, the senses, and the emotions, with the truths of abstract ideas.

“I am fascinated by the intersection between psychology and the world of fine art. Society has always been bound greatly in a Pavlovian response to mass culture, and art illuminates and reinforces the fact that our imagination cannot be only limited to ‘utility’,” says the artist.

Tawadey uses psychology for exploration and to reflect on symbols that are derived from the realm of the unconscious constantly in his work. “One of my first solo exhibitions, ‘The Wave of Dreams’ was based on surrealism and psychic automatism and in my work I used photographic triptychs – three individual frames that are juxtaposed to capture an alternate sense of reality,” he explains, adding that the attempt of juxtaposed images was to bring the inner realities of the subconscious to the conscious mind – where the object photographed would stand as a metaphor for an inner reality.

The artist who lives and works in Goa, states that his biggest influence is nature and the sea and this proximity to nature has influenced his recent work on decay. Nature now plays a prominent role in the creation of these artworks.

“I have used all kinds of natural substances that I have collected on walks by the sea to process the decay. The structure of decay – its form, play of colours, the variations of putrefaction and mould, and their ornamental aspects, the natural mutation of things and chance, as a shaping element, is a part of the creation process,” the artist says. Here, the abstraction of nature and the abstract nature of the work, that is, the image and the object, ultimately speak as one voice in this work.

Tawadey’s works consist of photographic triptychs, diptychs mix media, and experimental films. Using various mediums to bring out his artistic talent, he seeks to capture an alternate sense of reality, or rather that which is masked under our conscious understanding of this universe.

They put together possible narratives and thus create an intimacy of psychological space. They make you think, they don’t give you an immediate or literal context but work on the viewer’s point of view, using logic and reasoning.

His artworks allow viewers to escape into a moment that pierces the illusion of reality to look deep into the soul. Breaking past the maxim that art should imitate life, Tawadey believes that his works shouldn’t be an appearance of life, but the experience of it – the turbulence, concreteness, turbidness, uncertainty, and immersion of what life feels like.

During his talk ‘Innervision’, he will delve on several points about human experience that exceed the representational capacity of verbal language or intellectual analysis but yield themselves to us through art. He will also take the audience through his artistic journey into the unconscious, spanning over a decade. Artworks that he will be showing are ones that provide a context (description) but leave enough room for individual interpretation by the viewer (abstraction).

“I will explain how visual arts function most effectively and my journey will be conveyed by showing exhibited work across a decade. These include over 80 works and six experimental films that have been screened at various art shows, which become a metaphor for the journey of an artist similar to our own individual journeys that are marked with achievements and personal memorabilia,” he says.

The international artist has had several solo exhibitions in India, London, Singapore and New York. His works have also featured in international group shows in Italy, New York, and London.

(The talk will be held between 11.30 and 12.30. Open to all)