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Indian jobseekers prefer Canada, UK for work: study




Countries like Canada and UK have gained in popularity amongst international jobseekers with Indians preferring to work there, World’s No 1 job site Indeed India in its study report said here on Wednesday.

While there has been a substantial fall in the share of searches for jobs in the United States, presumably owing to its immigration policies, a major portion of international jobseekers interest has been picked up by Canada and the UK, the report said.

The searches are primarily for high-paying roles in technology, research and finance.  The more welcoming immigration policies in Canada and the recent developments in UK immigration policies following Brexit have made them popular choices among international jobseekers.

In fact, the open immigration policy in Canada has become the alternative for Indians, as well as jobseekers from Latin countries too.

Through visa programmes such as the Express Entry and Global Skills, the country has been opening avenues to skilled foreign workers. Global trends affecting political developments pose challenges to the workforce but also lead to more opportunities for employment. The expansions of such policies seek to deliver growth and meet the aspirations and expectations of Indian labour by providing work opportunities in other countries.   The report also indicated that Indian job seekers are exploring opportunities in Canada nearly twice as much as they did two years ago with a massive shift in cross-border searches from the US to Canada.

Between the periods of August 2016-July 2018, the US share of job searches from India fell from 60 per cent to 50 per cent, while there was a rise in searches for Canada from 6 per cent to 13 per cent.

Alternatively, UK has the potential to keep its position as a global tech and banking magnet in a post-Brexit world, provided that its migration policy is sufficiently flexible to accommodate an internationally mobile workforce. Since 2015, job seekers based in other countries have typically accounted for between 8 per cent and 10 per cent of the overall job applications for tech jobs in the UK.

It was recorded that the maximum number of people looking for jobs in the UK were from India, the US and France, followed by Poland and Ireland.

As a group, Indian jobseekers are highly focused on tech in their job searches? Almost one-fifth of all clicks on UK-based jobs from India are related to tech roles, the report said.

It is interesting to note the impact of the changing political environment on international labour market trends. Clearly what used to be every high-skilled Indian’s dream, to move to the US, has now been impacted by the turbulent immigration climate which has worked in Canada and UK’s favour.

While there could be several factors triggering this sudden shift of interest, it was inferred that this trend, which began in mid-2017 witnessed a sudden up-shoot towards the end of 2017.

This is the period when the H1-B restrictions came into light, with visa applications and processes being delayed, which has resulted in the lookout for career options in an alternative country,” says Sashi Kumar, managing director, Indeed India.


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