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Honing networking skills

In today’s times networking is important in any field. To improve networking skills, the women’s wing of GCCI conducted a workshop on transformational breathing and non-verbal communication skills. The half-day workshop had expert speakers- Kanan Tandi and Sylvia Pires- highlighting the significance of spontaneous human interactions.

The speakers pointed out that, it is very essential that individuals learn the art of connecting to one another while respecting each other’s professional lives. Breathing is generally a subconscious human activity although it plays a vital role in human living, thus, does not grab much of a human attention. The workshop made participants realize that humans need to breathe the right way not to just live longer but to live healthier and more contented lives.

The event took off with a welcome address by Dr. Jennifer Lewis Kamat, chairperson of the women’s wing of the GCCI. Colleen Sequeira, member of the women’s wing committee and coordinator for the program introduced the two speakers for the day. Tandi spoke of networking the correct way and maintaining appropriate body language. She urged participants to pick up cues from people’s body language and use it properly establish connect, Pires touched upon the significance of breathing to bring about gradual metamorphosis in our lives. The workshop ended with a session of networking among the members.

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