Good Friday: A solemn affair

Calling upon people to take part in Jesus’ suffering and sorrow, Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao, in his sermon at the Good Friday Mass at Se Cathedral, Old Goa, said that Jesus died on the cross for us and therefore we need to take part in his sorrow which we can do if we follow him.

While talking about the suffering, he said that each of us have many crosses in our day to day life. We should seek ways to overcome them and at the same time work towards helping people in our surrounding, he said.

“There are many people who are going through a lot of problems like violence, harassment, depression, and other social evils. We need to first reach out to them and help them,” he said

Archbishop also said that it’s our first responsibility to reach out to the ones who are in need and help them in the same way that Jesus did for us. “When Jesus died on the cross he did not think of himself but he thought of us. We therefore need to think of others and help people come out of their suffering.”

He asked each and every person gathered to reflect upon their sins and work towards changing their selves for their own benefit and the benefit of the others.

The sermon was then followed by kissing of the cross where people were asked to write down their petition on a paper and put in the basket kept at the foot of the cross. Holy Communion was then distributed followed by a sermon reflecting on the importance of forgiveness, changing one’s life, and following the footsteps of Christ.

This was followed by the traditional Xempeddechem Pursav where the body of Christ was taken in a procession which started from the sacristy of Se Cathedral and culminated at the altar of the Miraculous Cross Chapel. This was followed by the Archbishop reciting prayers near the altar.