Goencho Posro held at Govt College Khandola

Goencho Posro held at Govt College Khandola

Students Council of Government College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Khandola organised Goencho Posro - an art and food festival to encourage students to utilise their skills in a constructive way and to provide them with first-hand experience in entrepreneurship.

The two-day programme focused on the Goan food savouries and art forms which received a great response from students who put up their food stalls and art exhibition on campus.

All the products on sale were handmade using eco-friendly materials. Canvas paintings done by the students for Jubilations 2018 were also put up for sale.

Students setup stalls selling chaat, curries, drinks and rice dishes, all made using authentic Goan masalas.

Sharing her experience, SYBA student, Khushashri Sawant said: “We have never had a platform like this in our college before. I think we should do this every year as it helps students understand that they don’t have to follow the set path of getting a degree, then getting a job and falling into a routine of office-home-office. We realised that we can also earn by using our skills to create and market innovative and aesthetic products.”

In-charge of the students council, Anita Raicar said: “We have many skilled and creative students in our college, and instead of letting that stay hidden we thought why not create a market for it in the college itself? This way the students get to create, display, and sell their products. Their talent is being recognised.”