Goan entrepreneurs receive national recognition for success

At the sixth Council of State Industrial Development and Investment Corporations of India (COSIDICI) national awards, held in Bengaluru, on January 21, Goan entrepreneurs were in the limelight with four unit owners from the state bagging awards for their achievements in setting up successful enterprises.

Unit owners, Satish Shinde and Charles Charlton Collaco, Astra Metals, Mohanlal Bisnoi, Ramdev Plastic Industries, Ladu Bablo Gawas, Abab Industries and Laxman Vaman Kelekar, Mahalsa Plastics, were among the entrepreneurs who were chosen from all over India and selected by a jury formed by the executive committee of COSIDICI. The awards recognize outstanding performance in the industrial sector. In all 55 entrepreneurs were awarded for starting small and turning big in their respective sectors and to have Goan entrepreneurs in the list is heartening.

The four award winners are financed by EDC, albeit it was many years ago when they first began their entrepreneurial journey.

KV Ballikar, managing director, EDC, was one of the chief guests at the award function. He shared stage with Smita Bharadwaj, president, COSIDICI, SL Sharma, managing director,  MANIDICO, Imphal and Premnath Ravindranath, executive director, Kerala Finance Corporation.

COSIDICI is the apex national federation of state financial corporations, state industrial development corporations and state infrastructure development corporations.

As the apex body, it finances industry in MSME and large sector as well as develops industrial infrastructure such as industrial estates, industrial parks, townships, etc.  COSIDICI has membership of 54 state level institutions.